E!’s Ten Vampires We Love

by on December 14, 2009
in Cast & Characters, Videos

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Alice Cullen, Ashley Greene, got #9 on the list.
Edward Cullen, Robert Pattinson, made #1 on the list.


15 Responses
  1. abbs says:

    GREAT! congratulations to them. =)

  2. Naama says:

    Obviously Robert #1 <3
    But I can not believe Ian Somerhalder only 10th place! He deserves at least 3!
    Ashley also deserves more than 9..

  3. T.Lautnerfreak102 says:

    ashley greene should have gotten like 6th. this is on E! allll the time! love u taylor,

  4. Missy says:

    Congrats guys! cannot wait for ECLIPSE 6-30-10!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Team Alice says:

    I think Ashley should have gotten a little high on the scale, like maybe a six or less? Glad Robert Pattinson got the first though 🙂

  6. Jeini says:

    Whoo!!! He’ll always be first on my list!!!

  7. mykaela says:

    grrr. ashley shouldve gotten a better place! it probably cuz shes not really mentioned much in the movies like she is in the books…

  8. Katrin says:

    well, obviously rob’s on the 1st place..
    i was a bit disappointed that ian somerhalder only made the 10th place.. for me he would be the 3rd one!!
    i was glad, that alexander skarsgard made the 2nd place though he’s the # 1 for me!! i just love him ^^
    but i think they focused too much on twilight, true blood and the vampire diaries.. they didn’t mention other series like moonlight or blood ties and i think that alex o’loughlin as mick and kyle schmid as henry were 2 hotties too! (probably it was just the wrong time for those series.. i think they would be very famous now!!)

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