Nikki Photo Outtakes

by on December 15, 2009
in Cast & Characters

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Below are some more pictures of Nikki Reed from a Photo Shoot with Hellin Kay.
Check out some more photos here.
Beautiful as always!!!




Source: Twifans via Nikki Reed Central


23 Responses
  1. Team Alice says:

    First comment!

  2. Sarah says:


  3. Cabrera Lion says:

    Cute Pictures!

  4. Team Alice says:

    She’s pretty!! 😀

  5. mykaela says:

    wow. i saw 2 tattoos. one on her wrist and one kinda on her back.

    i wonder what they say…???

  6. Vanessa Cullen says:

    She is so pretty!!!!!

  7. Grusome The Twi-Guy says:

    chicks from hollywood have a fetish with getting word tattoo’s

  8. mRs.taycob says:

    yeah u come here to L.A. and at least ppl have 1 tattoo wit words its kool and wied at the same time

  9. mRs.taycob says:

    o yeah and i forgot alot of the ppl in the cast are changing their looks example: Anna Kendrick bye

  10. Arianna says:

    pretty as always

  11. l says:

    it’s in russian

  12. ysatis ;) says:

    she loooks stunning like always XD
    i lover her tattoos. i want one when she has
    hers on the side. looks usper hot !

  13. frances says:

    is it juss me or does she kinda look like shakira?!?

  14. SoFy_CuLLeN!! says:

    OMG!! she got a tattoo!!

  15. Anne^^. says:

    ome! she looks sexy.. o.o lolz!

  16. Anastasiya says:

    She got them 2 or 3 years ago,when she was with one Russian guy
    It’s in russian!!<3
    Also Rob was with her when she was in Russia!
    I can send you some pics if you want…

  17. darkangel says:


  18. darkangel says:

    ? love you robert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Team Edward says:

    I thought she was a good girl

  20. Nadya says:

    Me encanta el personaje de Rosalie!! 🙂

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