Volturi Posters and Stand Ups

by on December 16, 2009
in Collectibles, Merchandise, Posters

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MovieGoods has Volturi posters and stand ups. You can get New Moon posters of Jane, Alec, Caius, Aro, and Marcus. Also available are group posters of the Volturi and life-sized stand ups. What better way is there to decorate your room than with the baddest vampires around? Check them all out here.



28 Responses
  1. Twilight1226 says:

    I want the Alec standup 🙂

  2. Ashleigh says:

    i love that one too! and the Aro one lol

  3. leanne says:

    does any here have a stand up?

  4. ysatis ;) says:

    why isnt jane in the stand up. ?
    probably `cause shes like the
    only bad vamp qirl XD

  5. mrsbooboostewart says:

    Ooh, I really want an Alec one!!! He’s my fav. bad vampire! :))

  6. Stephanie loves jacob :) says:

    i want the jane on it would be so freaky but cool. 🙂

  7. leanne says:

    i am in pain
    i just had to listen 2 miley cyrus live
    oh the pain

  8. constanza says:


  9. OhmyCaius!!:D I want one:D

  10. i would definitly get an ARO stand up “he’s so creepy”

  11. ac says:

    look upp new moon mexican on youtube it is hilarious

  12. mykaela says:

    im sooo mad they dont have any official promo pics fpr demetri or felix. i mean, at the HT Twilight Tour for Charlie Bewley and Daniel Cudmore, THEY WERENT ON THE POSTER!!!!! grrr. i just think that is sooo ridiculous…

  13. Team Jake & Edward says:

    WOW!!! they look mega real lol that would be sooo awesome to have stand ups of all da main charaters in newmoon so cool u could have a full on twilight room (sigh) lol

  14. mrs.lautner says:

    wow that could scare me in the night

  15. trinity says:

    I WANT JANE !!!!!!!!!!!!! 😮

  16. I want Alec!!!! XD XD XD

  17. maria vitoria says:


  18. DJ Glidden says:

    HELP! The only thing my granddaughter asked for this Christmas are Alec & Carlisle stand ups. I can’t find them anywhere and I’ve been looking for months. I found one at Amazon UK but they don’t ship to the US. Anyone have one they want to sell? Any idea where I can find one?

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