Eclipse Movie Worldwide Release Dates

by on January 3, 2010
in Eclipse Movie


Below are the international release dates for the Eclipse movie.
(All dates are estimated and subject to change)

• Argentina July 1, 2010
• Australia July 1, 2010
•Austria July 16, 2010
• Belgium June 30, 2010
•Bulgaria July 9, 2010
•Bolivia September 30, 2010
• Brazil June 30, 2010
• Canada 30 June 2010
•Costa Rica July 9, 2010
•Czech Republic July 1, 2010
• Columbia July 2, 2010
• Croatia June 30, 2010
• Chile July 1, 2010
• CIS July 1, 2010
• Denmark 30 June 2010
• Dominican Republic July 8, 2010
• Egypt June 30, 2010
• Ecuador July 16, 2010
• Estonia 9 July 2010
• El Salvador July 9, 2010
• France 7 July 2010
• Finland 30 June 2010
• Greece 30 June 2010
• Germany July 15, 2010
• Guatemala July 9, 2010
• Hungary June 30, 2010
• Hong Kong July 1, 2010
• Honduras July 16, 2010
• Iceland June 30, 2010
• Indonesia June 30, 2010
• Israel July 1, 2010
• Ireland July 9, 2010
• Italy 30 June 2010
• Kazakhstan June 30, 2010
• Lithuania 2 July 2010
• Latvia July 9, 2010
• Lebanon July 8, 2010
• Mexico July 1, 2010
• Malaysia July 8, 2010
• Netherlands 30 June 2010
• Norway 30 June 2010
• New Zealand 1 July 2010
• Nicaragua July 8, 2010
• Portugal 30 June 2010
• Poland July 2, 2010
• Peru July 15, 2010
• Panama July 9, 2010
• Philipines June 30, 2010
• Romania June 30, 2010
• Russia 30 June 2010
• South Korea July 8, 2010
• Spain 30 June 2010
• Serbia July 1, 2010
• Singapore 1 July 2010
• Slovakia 1 July 2010
• Slovak Republic July 1, 2010
• Slovenia June 30, 2010
• Sweden June 30, 2010
• Switzerland
Italian June 30, 2010
French July 7, 2010
German July 14, 2010
• South Africa June 30, 2010
• Turkey June 30, 2010
• Taiwan July 1, 2010
• Thailand July 1, 2010
• Ukraine 8 July 2010
• UAE July 8, 2010
• Uruguay July 2, 2010
• UK July 9, 2010
• USA June 30, 2010
• Venezuela June 30, 2010
• West Indies July 2, 2010


433 Responses
  1. Robessed says:

    When does it release in INDIA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DOES IT EVEN RELEASE IN INDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Devanshi says:

    when it is realising in INDIA plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz say ………………………………..i wannaaaa seeeeeeeeee eclipse………….plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Team Jacob says:

    omg gosh i just watch the trailer on i cant wait to watch it June the 30

  4. Sysiol Vampire says:

    In Poland don’t been? xd
    I’m don’t speak English ;P 😉

    • Jacob Love says:

      My?l?, ?e ten film równie? wyjdzie w Polsce, ale po prostu nie ma jeszcze informacji kiedy … tak jak by?o przy “Ksi??yc w nowiu” ;D

  5. HOEBY HOBBY says:


  6. REI says:

    Any news on when it’s hitting China? I know it’s a long shot since we barely got New Moon in January but we want to see it too! I even have my students reading it to improve their English.

  7. ugh y does the U.S. have to be so long?!?!?!?!?! lol

    • TeamRiley9 says:

      You think you have it hard!? Australia’s is on July 1st ONE DAY LATER that you’s. UNFAIR! ;(

      • Ocelotstar says:

        You think you have it unfair waiting one day, you obviously don’t live in the UK! 9 days, summit have some explaining to do!

        • Twilight_Fan101 says:

          I so totally agree! I mean, whats so bad about the UK thats makes us wait until then! I want to see eclipse so badly!!!!

    • Person says:

      June 30th is when I’m seeing it. At midnight. The very first showing. >:)

  8. You can see pictures of eclipse on the has some problems, why would bella marry him after he left her?I WOULD’NT its ok if she does’nt tell him , but what’s he thinking?!She’s already in a relationship with hims he’s pushing it.She should choose Jacob he’s a lot more healthy for her!I don’t think her heart could take it.She’s pushing her luck,with him.If he was just going to leave he shouldn’t have even bothered!Ugh!Woooooooooooooooooooooooof!

    • Jacob SUX!! says:

      Get a life! Jacob’s a tard

    • iluv twilight! says:

      obiosly u have not read the books,if u have then u wouldrealise why she chose stop talking if u do not know

    • Person says:

      If you’ve read the books, this wouldn’t be as big of an issue as it seems to be to you.

      If you haven’t read the books, I highly suggest you do. Reading is good for you.


    • Kinjal Shah says:

      Of course not you fool!!Edwards a hell lot better,beautiful,loving & caring than that werewlof!!!And Bella is already too much in love with Edward!!I jus cant wait 2 watch it.there r a hell lot of Indian Fans!!!plzzz somebody let me noe wen is ECLIPSE hitting theatres in India………plzzzzzzzz

  9. I would Looooooooooooove to see eclipse I’m going to get a twilight saga eclipse shirt at Walmart for $6.00 and wear it to the the premier on June 30 with….black pants DON’T COPY!!!!!!! I’m starting on my twilight room!new moon actually Team Jacob! aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  10. I am a huge fan of twilight movies. I loooooove Jacob, even thought Edward has maturity and something exquisite about him. They both have something negative and positive to give.
    I guess it’s Bella’s choice in the end.

  11. I would Looooooooooooove to see eclipse I’m going to get a twilight saga eclipse shirt at the mall and wear it to the the premier on June 30 with….black pants DON’T COPY!!!!!!! I’m starting on my twilight room!New Moon actually Team Jacob! aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

  12. I would Looooooooooooove to see eclipse I’m going to get a twilight saga eclipse shirt at the mall and wear it to the the premier on June 30 with….black pants DON’T COPY!!!!!!! I’m starting on my twilight room!New Moon actually Team Jacob! aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!L-O-V-E TWILIGHT IS THE BEST MOV…IE!

  13. Jennie Barnes says:

    Not happy that the UK is the bloody last place to get it!!!!!! not happy, we should get it 30th June!!!! like most people not have to wait extra 9 days….

  14. isabella says:

    just put it on dvd know know

  15. isabella says:

    just put it on dvd know

  16. Johanna says:

    Some of the release dates are outdated. For example Eclipse release date in Finland is the 30th of June.

  17. Adelin says:

    When is it goin to come out in puerto rico!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Miss Cullen says:

    Did someone know When is it goin to come out in Israel?
    Goood i’m sooo waiting for this!

  19. Freda says:

    when is hong kong Release Date??

    hope eclipse will release in hong kong

  20. jezebelblaisedamenashhellewiseredferncullen says:

    u frggin dooshbags !! its coming out worldwide!!! did newmoon/twilight come out in ur countries?? if yes then duh!!! it dont hav 2 necessarily be in the list.

  21. Mrs Sadhbh Pattinson says:

    It’s out in Ireland on the 9th of July. Which, is beyond unfair! I wouldn’t go on holidays unless I’d be back by the 30th and now it isn’t even frickin’ out on the 30th! UGH!

    • Han x says:

      just saw you can pre book tickets for eclipse in cineworld. parnell square in duclin for 3rd of july?????

  22. M.s Jacob Black says:

    When in BARBADOS OR CARIBBEAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. b-swan says:

    When it will be released in Indonesia??
    I can’t wait…!!!!!!!

  24. Amy says:


  25. StephLovesJacob says:

    Frikin 9th July? Not frikin fair.

  26. anitaqeeta says:

    forgoten in INDONESIA
    we love twilight saga

  27. Dollz says:

    In South Africa, its the 30th June. Ive been waiting for soooooo long.
    Im with the VAMPIRES, Jacob n his budies suck!!!!!

  28. team Jacob says:

    I’m going to go see it when it comes out and I saw a clip well 3 clips from ECLIPSE
    1.the bedroom

    2.voltrie/I dont know how to spell it.

    3.when Edward and Jacob fight becuase Jacob kissed Bella
    they were so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Megan=Robs Wife :) says:

    Why dont e=inculded Irland???? KK Slan……….{Luv u ROB} XXX

  30. lisa says:

    it comes out in israel july first!!!

  31. Tayyibah says:

    when is it going to be released in South Africa

  32. Twilight_Fan101 says:

    Anyone know when it it coming out on dvd? At least then i wont have to wait until July the 9th! I can watch lovely Jacob all day….

    • tanya says:

      eclipse comes out in theatres long before it comes out on blu-ray and dvd so i guess you will have to wait till july 9th its not that far from now you’ve waited this long another week won’t hurt.

  33. Sarah Pattinson Cullen!!!xXx says:

    If u English people r so worked up bout it why don’t u come to Ireland to c it!?!?! it’s out on the 30th of June!!!!! I’ve already booked my tickets!!!!! Nd wil u other people stop askin wen it’s comin out in ur country??!! U’ll c it wen ya freakin c it!!!!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  34. vanessa says:


  35. vanessa says:


  36. team switzerland says:

    cant wait till the 1 of july 🙁

  37. NICOLLE says:


  38. damini says:

    i really cant wait for eclipse ……….
    i m goin crazyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
    cn anybody temme dat ven is eclipse releasing in india?????????????/

  39. ifi says:


  40. deepthi says:

    pls release eclipse n india n 3oth june……..plssssss

  41. jessica says:

    awsome i already got my tickets for the pre premire in madrid spain with ashley and alex

  42. kara says:

    I am so unlucky me and my family are going on vacation to NF, Canada and the closest movie theater is about two and a half hours away. 🙁

  43. twilightf@n4mIndia says:

    WHAT????????…where the heck is india? WHEN IS ECLIPSE RELEASING IN INDIA? That is just so unfair.
    India (sorry for going all geographical) is the seventh largest country, larger thanothers on the list above, and it has the second largest population in the world. I mean, in more than 1 billion people there must be at least some (quite a many) who like The Twilight Saga and would want to watch Eclipse. That’s just too bad. It’s their own loss, not releasing in India. India even has a larger market of films and even the last two films which were released,Twilight even though it was released an year later and New Moon, did a great job and were on the theatre for many days. This is leaving us Twilight fans in India extremely disappointed and let down. Summit surely has some explanation to give!

    • meenu says:

      i guess itll release on 16th in india . if it doesnt dn its uttr nonsense tat ppl dnt bothr abt releasin it here .

  44. lauren says:

    For anyone looking for Eclipse in Ireland, official release date is 9th July but a lot of cinemas are having advanced screenings…just booked my tickets for midnight showing Saturday 3rd July…which is technically the Friday night. Get booking, tickets won’t last long! Can’t wait.

  45. Sree says:

    India date PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Angel says:

    guys………..wen its gonna release in india yaar……….i m not finding the date anywhere…….. whoever is the main of this site..plzzz tell us the date that wen will ECLIPSE release in india………… and this is not at all fair…. where the hell is india in this list???? i mean it shud get rleased in india……..

  47. shaharEB says:

    united king changed it!

    in ISRAEL it comes out on 30 june too!!

  48. sueVAMPdarkmoon says:

    yo dudes! have any idea when is aclipse goona release in india????
    i am dying to see a real vamp v/s werewolves and cullens action………

  49. Cally'Tod says:

    I can’t wait to see Robert Pattinson as ‘Edward Cullen’ again. He is so hot and so good at his role.
    Can’t wait to see the vampires and werewolves come together to battle.
    I love twilight and I love Edward Cullen xxxxxxxxx


  51. lisa says:

    they changed the date of israel!
    it comes out in the end at 30.6.10!

  52. Daniela says:

    I’m from Brazil
    I’m super stoked to watch the best saga in the world.

  53. NAOMI C says:

    when the hell is it releasing in india geez india’s not even on the list of countries thats HORRID

  54. Stella says:

    What about Cyrpus? When is the release date?

  55. Nishita says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzz can any 1 tel ven is it gonna release in India
    I JUST <3 <3 <3 <3 TWILIGHT

  56. headache says:

    Its sucks that it isn’t coming to chinese cinemas because of some stupid reasons.
    same thing happened to Avatar.the government in china said that Avatar is going to cause a huge impact on their cultural society or some crap like that so it got pulled out of the cinemas here and its the same with facebook and twitter,facebook and twitter both got banned because of political reasons…..I mean why do they do this if its only going to make everyone in china more angry and upset….Geez(headache)….but I still watch it online with crappy graphics and cinematics or I could wait for it to come out on DVD… SIGH…….

  57. nicky_greece says:

    I just can’t wait for eclipse to be out in Greece on 30th June!!!! TEAM EDWARD 4 EVER!!!!

  58. mohameen says:

    hey yall!!! i feel sorry for those in bolivia. i mean sept 30???? that is kinda tight. mm-asht for lyf an i lv edward 80% so take that ash lmao

  59. mohameen says:

    i absolutely love love love love love love love love edward cullen!!!!!!!! he is the best thing out there. my mmasht mates for ever and ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i luv edward 80% so take that ash and i am not evil!

  60. khiimmiiee says:

    im habink a hoilday in china atm n im dyink to know is it gonna b release in china i reallii want to watch thus movie

  61. Person says:

    Wow. Lol.

    Most of these people, are like, forgein.

    The US doesn’t have to wait as long as any of you people do. 😛

  62. Iram says:

    Oh No !! I thought it was releasing on the 30th June but now i find out that it’s being released over a week after on the 9th July ..?? 🙁 Not happyy !!

  63. robin says:

    im getting so impatient for eclipse to come,i mean i read the books so many times i can see it in my head,i should get a knew hobbie but watchng kristen stewart play as bella is so worth twilight saga rules so bad.anywho have a lovely day everyone

  64. Hannah says:

    wow, thoughs from india i can’t understand what your saying. can’t wait for eclipse to come out on june 30th!!!!

  65. Samantha says:

    I CANT WAIT till for Eclipse i got tickets for my boyfriend and I to go see the movie on the 29th of June at midnight so… yeah its gonna be awsome. I’ll have to buy a whole lot of red bull to stay awake.

  66. izi says:

    hiya, i’m from the Netherlands and here it’s going to come out on the 29th, 23:00
    so, yeah….

  67. a, that way says:

    hiya, i’m from the Netherlands and here it’s going to come out on the 29th, 23:00
    so, yeah….

  68. snehal ahire says:

    when it is releasing in india? anybdy knw it?plzzz reply

  69. ayerhsa says:

    plzzz sum1 tel da release date for India…I hav been searchin da net 4 ages 4 da release date but no use…its frustratin not knowin….I mean how can they not mention such a huge country like India????
    plz if any1 knows da date plz do inform all da indian fans asap…we r just as eager as every1 else…!!!!

  70. Churv009 says:

    June 30th is going to be HOLIDAY in the Philippines!!

  71. Jessy Cullen says:

    yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay same release date as Usa!!!!!!
    I’m talking about Egypt Btw

  72. hollity says:

    I cant waittt !! 😀 i wish it came out the same as the usa tho .. 9th july for uk :/ .. ohh well atleast its almost heree :D:D !! x

  73. nataliee loves twilight saga says:

    the 9th July release date in the UK???can’t it ne the 30 June????:,(
    anyway…I hope it will be great…can’t wait for the proposal scene….;)

    *CAN’T WAIT*

  74. trusha says:


  75. zoe says:

    Pls does anyone knw when it would be released in Nigeria?

  76. fanpire # 6 says:

    at least, I’m going to watch it exactly on June 30.. to all the Filipinos that are commenting here, June 30 is a holiday because of the Inauguration of President-elect Noynoy Aquino… and also June 30 is The Twilight Saga: Eclipse day!!!

  77. paige leslie says:

    im the biggest twi fan ever im a tweek lol

    love da no 1 twi fan

  78. kitty says:

    eclipse is releasing in india on 9th july…you can go to n under the tab movies coming soon u can check it…on the right hand side of the webpage theres a tab view all events..just click on it and then you’ll get there!have fun watchin it guys!

  79. kitty says:

    it is releasing on july 9th in can check on

  80. suneha says:

    when will Twilight release in India ?

  81. girl says:

    when is eclipse going to release in INDIA?????>>…..hey pls release it here also…….we r eagerly waiting for it!!!!…… india has a large market of fans for the twilight saga….it’s totally disappointing n disagreeaging if u don’t count india in the world!!!!!……. pls tell us the date sooon….or else u’ll loose such a gr8 fanfare……. robpatt , kristen taylor…we love u… pls release eclipse soooooooooooooooooooon

  82. awesomelytwilight says:

    Im sooooo happy that eclipse is screening in south africa on the 30th hahahaha I CANT WAAAAAAAAAAAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! too bad for other people though 🙂

  83. Team Carlisle says:

    LOL the release date for UK is the 9th of July… but im seeing it on the 3rd. !! 😛 <3

  84. aahana says:

    when is it gonna release in india

  85. Olivia says:

    I’m from Germany, now I’ve to wait 15 days, 15! It’s unfair 🙁

  86. Mrs.Cullen says:

    In Poland was realised 30th July ;/

  87. sarah says:

    hey guys it is releasing on 30th june or july becoz 30th june has already passed
    plz reply……


    PLsssssssssssssss let us know when is eclipse releasing in India!!!!!!! We r all waiting plzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!

  89. LS. says:

    what about China?

  90. twilightfan says:

    its 30th of july in india???!!!!!!not 9th??!!!!!!!ridiculous!!

  91. kate says:

    when is eclipse coming out on dvd ?

  92. heilie says:

    Anyone know when the DVD will be released in South Africa?

  93. vrinda says:

    com’on guys… wat crap u all hv posted… who d hell has created dis non sense called team jacob n team edward… havnt u guys read ny of the books or wat??????? both of dem r together as a team wid 1 goal n dat is to protect bella… as far as their luv 4 bella is concerned… both luv her a lot…. nd d prblm is dat she too is in luv wid both… jacob’s forceful kiss makes her realise dis… so wats d prblm in it..

  94. vrinda says:

    u guys r really freaking dis out… nd as far as release dates r concerned its not released in india on 9th july either… so dis site called idmb can go to hell…

  95. lubna says:

    wen is it releasing in india?????????????

  96. aparna says:

    hey 9th is gone when is eclipse gonna release in INDIA………!!!!!!!!! m dying to watch it

  97. aparna says:

    edward i love you…………….

  98. Alice Cullen says:

    will definitely release before 9th Jul 2011 BTW…

  99. luckylucy says:

    **** **** ****… twilight and newmoon was released in india then why not eclipse is releasing 🙁

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