Still from Kristen Stewart’s new film “Welcome to the Rileys”

by on January 3, 2010
in Cast & Characters, Movie

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Learn more about the movie at IMDB!!!

Thanks Evie!!!

Source: Twifans via kstewartfans


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  1. Twilight Fanatic says:


  2. Courtney Culllen/Black says:


  3. Lauren Cullen says:

    I was listening to her southern accent this morning (The Yellow Handkerchief)…it’s not very good…and she’s always kinda sad looking…but you gotta love her, she’s Bella!!

  4. nikkijones85 says:

    Kristen Stewart is one of my favorite actresses. I love the way she acts. The roles she takes fits her really good.

  5. AussieGirl/VampireGirl says:

    Totally agree!!!

  6. Anne^^. says:

    i RLY wanna see this movie, but the one i’m MOSTLY looking forward to see is THE RUNAWAYS, baby! lolz 😀

  7. yer kristen is one of my fav actresses too but just imagine wat it would be like for ashley greene to play bella since she almost got the role….. i luv kristen but just cant help wondering if ashley would play it better….

    kristen as bella or
    Ashley as bella?? if we got to vote who would u pick??

  8. team Jacob & Edward says:

    what is it about anyways? i have know clue!!

  9. jessica says:

    this looks like a good movie

  10. jessica says:

    in this movie kirsten stewart is playing a striper

  11. WOWWW
    I can’t believe kristen chose robert over taylor!!!!!! Ur kool but taylor is tha hottest guy in tha twilght movies, U supprised me when u went out with robert cause no1 could keep his hands off taylor but whoa every1 won’t even touch robert.

  12. Bella4ever says:

    Umm.. cool movie..?

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