Japanese New Moon Limited Edition DVD Gift Set

by on January 16, 2010
in DVD, New Moon Movie

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new moon japanese gift set

This is a beautiful Japanese New Moon Limited Edition DVD Gift Set. It is available March 26 in Japan. You can pre-order on Amazon Japan here.

Thanks Elaine and Allie!!!


15 Responses
  1. Arista says:

    cool it comes out on my birthday, too bad i don’t live in japan though

  2. mykaela says:

    now THAT is what i call an awesome deal. its too bad i dont live in Japan…i8 would soooo buy that.

  3. Mrs.Laine Cullen says:

    Man thats awesome!!! Too bad i’m not in Japan!!!
    I think the New Moon DVD cover on the left hand side, in the backround looks awesome! 🙂

  4. Larah says:

    I tried to pre-order as I am in Japan but it not listed on Amazon yet. hmmmmm ????

  5. Littletwilighter says:

    I cant wait, I hope they have a great set for the US when it comes out!!!

  6. I Love Neal Caffrey says:

    Super, cool!

  7. Team Jacob says:


  8. kadirbey says:

    I need to have itt!!! :'( xD

  9. Aamerah says:

    THIS IS SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  10. shaharEB says:


    this is so cool!!!!!

  11. Jeini says:

    Maybe our US one will be nice too

  12. Bella4ever says:

    I live in a small island for a long while (I am not from there) and everything I see (Except people) says to me: No twilight run away!!!!

  13. that looks like OMG I WANT IT.
    but anyways how do you know how much US $ it is cuz it’s in japanese…
    plus we don’t understand anything so how de we even know what we’re clicking?
    Lol i wish i knew some1 in japan who could buy it 4 me. 🙁

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