Shallow Day -TWILIGHT (what have you done to my wife?)

by on January 23, 2010
in Music, Videos

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Ok, Betsy found this on Twifans and I thought it was just great.

It’s made by Shallow Day.
Show your husbands and boyfriends because I think they will all agree!!!

Thanks Betsy!!!


35 Responses
  1. shaharEB says:

    first comment!

  2. Ellie says:

    This is scarily true.

  3. nikkijones85 says:

    Lol. That was too cute…..i bet my husband feels that way sometimes…….. cause i talk about how fine Robert Pattinson is, but he thinks kristen stewart is fine, so we’re even. LOL

  4. kyra cullen says:

    The ending made me cry.How could anyone want 2 burn those DAZZALING books!!!!!!

  5. MikiGirl says:

    ohhhh my I am sooo NOT showing this to my boyfriend he’d agree waaaaay too much, but hey we can’t help the way we feel 😉 but it is a very very funny clip/song, and I’m sure there is husbands n bf’s n friends all over the world that feel like that but they just havent caught on to the amazing-ness of Twilight, btw I loveeeee twilightguide you guys are my constant update on all Twilight things n I’m forever greatful hehehhe tad bit obsessed I know but ah well we all have a hobby 😛

  6. shaharEB says:

    ha ha ha !

    this is exact:]]

  7. TEAM JASPER says:


  8. katie (switzerland) says:

    lol funny and so true im totally like tht haha

  9. Team Jacob333 says:

    soo true. Boys in books are just better 😀
    especially if they’re werewolves too <3

    • Anne^^. says:

      agree! BOYS IN BOOKS ARE JUST BETTER :D. i’ve got pic that says “boys in books are just better” lolz. oh but ESP. IF THEY’RE VAAAMPIREESSS! 😀 oh yeaa,team edward!

  10. Abigail says:

    omg i hate the ending he could he EVER do that i would like strangle my husband

  11. Bella Cullen says:

    What does this have to do with the topic????

  12. Bella Cullen says:

    Hee hee I feel the same. My hubby want to puke over Twilight. He thinks that I am crazy and needs help. Yeah I do and the cure is Eclipse and Breaking Dawn and every other move Robert Kristin & Taylor or the rest of the cast is in. They are all just to talented

  13. Kelly says:

    This is so funny! I just let my fiance watch it and he was cracking up. It had to be a fat girl too, yep they should of put me in the video.

  14. twigirl says:

    crazy stuff, it was funny tho hehe 😀

  15. Lilly says:

    Hehe, so true! Had to send this to my friend… her poor husband doesn’t stand a chance…

  16. Juliaaaa says:

    ohmygodd, i can’t believe you can buy this on itunes! hahaha so funny though.

  17. TwilightGirl says:

    haha thats well funny xx

  18. Christine says:

    Nope, not showing it to hubby. I hear enough flack as it is. I have to agree that it really is funny though! 🙂

  19. mrs.cullen-hale says:

    this s heeeelerious dan hela funnie

  20. br33ana says:

    dude this is how it is for my best friends mom… well they are hotter than most old guys

  21. TripletsNanny says:

    My husband just rolls his eyes at me. It’s funny because I’m Team Jacob, and HE is Team Edward. He just prefers vampires over wolves I suppose. He probably feels like SOME of this stuff is true (like staying up all night reading & thinking it’s all right to have crushes on teenage boys) – but I haven’t abandon my day to day responsibilities, so no need to burn my $90 box set of the saga.

  22. Fee says:

    yah, im pretty sure my boyfriend feels the same way lol

  23. crissy says:

    I half to say my husband feels just like the rest of the guys that has this problem.Hey old man and not so old men get the belly fat off and take care of yourself.I mean if there’s sweet meat like that around well hell yeah that’s where you’ll find your woman.Our men need to impress us more I think.We get bored faster then men I think.A guy will look at some good look’n woman and pee theirself if she’s nice to them,so I think ‘WHATEVER’!Edward Rocks my foundation?

  24. jc says:

    OMG i was lmao…that was pretty good..and i’m sure my husband feels the same way..and even more now that I’m reading The Vampire Diaries…lol

  25. Jeini Reese says:

    My husband wouldn’t burn them because he knows I’d just go out and buy them all over again. He’s been pretty good natured about it so far. Even when I swoon whenever I see RPatz.

  26. Kristin24 says:

    My hubby couldn’t stop laughing either. Its kinda true, but I realize that its just a book! lol I spend time with my daughter and still cook for her and everything. But seriously, it’s so funny!

  27. team jacob says:


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