Twilight Saga and Breaking Dawn Inspired Poems

by on February 15, 2010
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Breaking Dawn and Breaking Dawn Movie

Ruth sent me these poems she wrote and I loved them so thought I would share.
Hope you enjoy!!!
Thanks Ruth!!!

Breaking Dawn Poem

Book 1- Bella

Happiness surrounds the air
As people give me the stare
Watching me in my white gown
In the stairs as I go down

Then I found my truest love
As I came down from above
Suddenly, he’s all I see
I can’t believe he’s for me

He took my hand and I sighe
‘Cause there’s no reason to hide
As I said the binding words
Songs were played by singing birds

“I don’t think I deserve you
But I would always stay true
You couldn’t have given me
The very best gift that’s thee”

Now we’ll never be apart
Because forever can start
An island filled with white sand
Under the moonlight we stand

Book 2- Jacob

I had given everything
In return I gained nothing
Seeing you suffer hurts me
‘Cause I feel the pain of thee

Why do you pick the wrong things?
Now I wander in the wings
I’ll always keep on waiting
Until your heart stops beating

She broke me beyond repair
But I simply just don’t care
Because she is my dearest
And she’ll always be the best

The darkest hour of the moon
And the moment came too soon
I saw her writhing in pain
And I wished I’d be slain

All things changed in a sudden
I was no longer broken
The deepest depths of her eyes
Made me stare and rise

Now she’s the one that holds me
And there’s no one else I se
She’s the answer to my prayers
And I am forever hers

Book 3- Bella

To this new life I awaken
Every part of me was strengthen
Then I saw your face with new eyes
I knew I was in paradise

I’ll start forever with you
And the rest I can live through
No one can take you from me
I’m as strong as they could be

There’s nothing else that could make me smile:
The sight of your face every once in a while
I’d be with you through thick and thin
That’s how deep I have for you within

I’d do everything to keep you
Safe and sound and away from blue
Death can never set us apart
We belong in each other’s heart

Everything’s exactly right
Gone all the pain, the hurts, the fright
It’s over all the moments of waiting
And now forever’s what we’re facing

Eternity stretches for us
And there’s no need for fuss
I have finally reached my goal
Now I’ve proven you have a soul

Twilight Saga Poem

It all started with my scent
Then everything came and went
You saved me from evil ones
And waited for my response

You said that you feel for me
That you’d never set me free
I was joyous for your love
That’s as gentle as a dove

But then you left me bleeding
And I was always weeping
My heart aches n every beat
As I stare in your void seat

I knew that you love me still
And there’s no space to fill
Then as you ask for my hand
My life’s a fairytale land

The prince has returned and loved me
Together forever we’d be
Everything was set on motion
Then there came a commotion

All I did was to make it all worse
Now I’m forever under this curse
I should be locked up in the black box
Buried forever under the rocks

We were being pulled apart
As the real bad troubles start
You fought for us to survive
So you could keep me alive

Now the choice is up to me
Be changed or just let things be
How I wish that I could flee
Escape this pain inside of me

Neither of my choice is bad
And for that I should be glad
I only have to break a heart,
A heart that loved me from the start


40 Responses
  1. Lara says:

    First comment! Read first poem – fabulous!

    • melanie nepales says:

      i have my sister name is ruth too,shes writing a long poem that will touch to your heart,i thought she is that im talking if mis leandra give me the surname of the writer.

    • Amber says:

      I am completely obsessed with the Twilight Saga pretty much my entire evolves around it! These poems are amazing and really reflect what each film is about.

  2. Lara says:

    OK, now I have read all of them.

    Ruth – like them all! Well done!

  3. mykaela says:

    cool! i like these!

  4. werewolf says:

    Nice!! those were neat! 😉

  5. Anne^^. says:

    omg,sweet! keep it up, LUV IT :D.

  6. Mayra says:


  7. shaharEB says:

    they are all really cool!
    nice rimes:]

  8. Margarida says:

    At the first time I had no interest in see the poems, but today I gave it a chance and I love it! They are so good! And I usually don’t like poems … So, Congratulations! They are fantastic!

    • Ruth says:

      I’m glad that I was able to touch your heart with these poems of mine. If you’ve read the first three that I’ve sent here, you’d probably be able to connect with these other two…

  9. Aamerah says:


  10. Tracy says:

    Gorgeous poems

  11. maushei.18 says:

    here’s my comment ruth !! haha .. i dont need to read it again because i was the first one to read that right ?? haha 🙂 NICE.. i really love it !

  12. rachelv1811 says:

    So beautiful

  13. layla cullen says:

    i loved it!
    i wish i could write like this!!!
    anyone who can give me any info about midnightsun,if it’s ever going to be finished?
    pls,pls write back!!!

  14. Team Alice says:

    I loved the last little bit

  15. Emily says:

    I have a song I wrote bout Eclipse…could I post it her as well?=)

  16. rose black says:

    hey that was good! so i wrote a peom but i dont know how to get it to the peoplke of the site so ill just put it here lol

    Here come the tides let them bring you in.
    Don’t be afraid of what will happen in the end.
    It will be fine it’ll be alright.
    Come on come on we’ll make it through the night.
    I’ll see you there in the Breaking Dawn.
    Don’t you worry just sing your song la la la la la.
    Thats how it goes on and on.
    Squicky clean you scrub and scrub.
    The feeling won’t go away,its here to stay.
    You don’t know what it’s like to hear the chime.
    Ringing ringing at Twilight.
    The Eclipse is coming on tonight, though i dont know how by the New Moon’s light. the end how do you like it?????

  17. sheree jones says:

    hey that was really good rose! (Y) that means thumbs up LOL =)

  18. Leah campbell cullen/team edwaoxrd x says:

    I loved all the poems they were awesome xox

  19. Leah campbell cullen/team edwaoxrd x says:

    opps lol xox

  20. Leah campbell cullen/team edward xox says:


  21. Leah campbell cullen/team edward xox says:

    there the name worked lol :s

  22. i loved the poems and i liked the first one way better

  23. maria says:

    How can you post a poem or send it for them to post it I wrote a couple of poems but dont know how to get them posted.

  24. delfine says:

    waar is het gedicht over liefde is een luxe?????

  25. Stormie Cullen says:


  26. i love twiligyht enough not to ignore writing a comment. these poems are fabuloua!!! nener thought i would hear such great poetry

  27. Justin says:

    hi emily i seen u have a song written bout Eclipse i have 4 songs gonna try to record very soon inspired by the films so hoping to send them of for breaking dawn movie for the wedding scene and honeymoon and written from jacobs angle , maybe we could collaborate to turn your song into music thought the poems where great too

  28. Velvet Clay says:

    They creep around like shadows in the night, but sparkle like diamonds in the light. They have unbreakable teeth which are white as snow. They have more speed and strength than anything else you know. They have eyes the color of butterscotch candy because they chose to do something so clever, caring, and handy. They are as beautiful as the clear night sky. They live forever and will never die. I wrote this poem near the beginning of my 8th grade year that has now come to an end. Of course you can tell it’s about the cullens. I thought you guys might like it….:/ ..tell me if you do…plz!

  29. TheLastStarWhale says:

    Just thought I’d share my own poem about Breaking Dawn.

    Breaking Dawn

    Every second
    Astringent murder,
    Killing off
    Intelligence and hope
    Nurturing the
    Growth of incompetence

    Death to greatness.
    Awakening the
    Wasteful excess of
    Nitwitted Twi-hards

  30. team edward says:

    His face, so white, so hard almost like a statue.
    Almost like if one sudden movement dared to touch him,
    it would shatter into a thousand pieces.

    And his eyes, so gold, so black though still slightly calming.
    They were looking right in my direction.

    His arms wrapped gracefully around my waist,
    as I began to feel the ice raising up my spine.

    I looked up so I could see those magnificent eyes
    realizing that they were bending down toward mine.
    Suddenly I felt his rich lips gently brush against my cheek.

    Just then I realized that my fear had been gone.
    Coming close to death three times truly changed my soul.

    Edward isn’t just perfect,
    nor is he human.
    He is and always shall be…
    My Vampire!

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