NECA New Moon Merchandise

by on February 16, 2010
in Merchandise

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MTV Hollywood Crush has an article on new New Moon Merchandise from NECA including pictures.
Check it all out here.

I have an Edward figure I got, as you all may remember from our trip to Vegas he went on with us, so I really am going have to pick up a Jacob figure because we all now I’m Team Jacob. Surprise I don’t have one already!!!

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3 Responses
  1. Breaking Dawn says:

    I just got mine. I got the Edward and Jasper.

    Team Edward!

  2. cullen101 says:

    im working towards owning my very own sparkly edward action figure!!!! the way they made him sparkle is awesome!! team edward always and forever!!!!

  3. robfan says:

    I want one! But somehow can’t bring myself to buy it for me! SO I buy it for my teenage daughter and just look at them so far we have only found the Barbie “Edward” doll.

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