New Moon Board Game

by on February 17, 2010
in Cards & Games, Merchandise

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MTV has the low down on the New Moon board game. Check out the video below.
Read the rest of the article here with pictures.

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14 Responses
  1. Callie says:

    Oh, I’ll have to get the set of three! (So excited for an Eclipse game, by the way!) I only have the NM game, so that’ll be a nice and unique way to get the other two!

  2. TeamJacob333 says:

    I totally need to get this asap!

  3. shaharEB says:


  4. Aamerah says:

    IM SOOOO GONNA GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. TeamEdwardCullen says:

    im getting that is sounds cul only problem is anyone who played aganist me would lose and dats not fair and im not being ****y its just no one else likes twilight r if they do they dont like ti DAT much. im a mege fan!

  6. TeamEdwardCullen says:

    omg they out stars o the word..well i cnat rite it again r they will just put a sar on it! omg tho why did they do that i wasnt cursing!!!

  7. TripletsNanny says:

    I wonder if these games are actually any fun…?
    I love LOST the TV show, but LOST the board game was AWEFUL and more like torture than fun.

  8. annie says:


  9. NayNay918 says:

    o yea o yea im definetely getting tha new moon nd eclipse board games. i already have tha twilight scene it dvd game nd its really fun.

  10. katie (team switzerland) says:

    ugh i want those so bad!! lol 🙂

  11. Jenny says:

    i loVe that game.. i play it all the time (:

  12. JasmienCullen says:

    i wanna have it too
    but i think they are going to sell it in belgium 🙁

  13. Esme Cullen says:

    I still dont understand how to play and ive had it since it first came out

  14. mrs pattinson1 says:

    Haha i already have it!!I got it like two and a half months ago!!!

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