Kristen Stewart photoshoot

by on March 1, 2010
in Cast & Characters

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Not for sure what this portrait photoshoot of Kristen Stewart was for, but I liked it!!!
Check out more pics on Twilighters Norway.


15 Responses
  1. Team Marcus luver says:

    These are really awsome pictures. I really like the bottom left one. First comment!

  2. Becki says:

    Weren’t these the New Moon Press Junket?

  3. nikkiann says:

    Beautiful as usual i like the top one best!

    • TeamSwitz says:

      Of course, the most amazing actress out there.
      I like the bottom right best. She really does have a pretty smile. I like the watch she has on in the first one first one too.

  4. Amanda-Pattinson says:

    awww she cut her hair again! now she’s gonna have to wear a wig for BD (that is if they do it this year). But it looks really cute!

    • Becki says:

      These are actually old pictures but also new. As in, they were taken a while ago, but they’re new to us now.
      I’m pretty sure these were taken around the time of the New Moon Press Junket/New Moon Promotion type thing. If you get me. 🙂

    • TeamSwitz says:

      actually, it’s pinned up. her hair has grown out quite a bit. it’s about to her shoulders now. go back a few pages and look at her a the yellow handkerchief premiere. it’s really pretty.

  5. Veronica says:

    WOW!! SHE’S GETTING WORSE!! Rob what are you doing?

  6. Eliza says:

    She’s so pretty!!!!
    I love her!!!
    Big Fan!!

  7. kittyluvsrob says:

    She is a beautiful girl I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that she cut her hair. She had beautiful hair and I know that don’t make a person. Anyways love her she’s gorgeous in whatever picture she takes.

    • Team Alice & Jasper says:

      i agree 😀 i miss her old hair!!!!!!! but she looks great with that hair too 😀 love her, big fan 😀

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