Twilight Saga Eclipse Movie Soundtrack

by on April 1, 2010
in Eclipse Movie, Merchandise, Movie, Music

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The Twilight Saga Eclipse movie soundtrack is available for pre-order from Amazon. There are very few details; no cover art, no songs, no artists, not even a release date. I still want it. Check it out here.


10 Responses
  1. TeamSwitz says:

    *squeals* I HAVE to have it! *squeals again* :>D

  2. Arianna says:

    Of course we are going to get it…. but is really lame that we dont have any info… what’s happening with Eclipse? at this point we all knew everything about New moon

    • Sofia says:

      i want it but OBVIOUSLY, if there’s NO cover art, NO track listing, and NO artists, it’s NOT the real soundtrack.
      just because it says “eclipse soundtrack” doesn’t mean that’s what it is.
      you guys are so dumb, they’re cheating us. don’t buy one until the official. that one is $12. how much did the new moon soundtrack go for? $20. at first. so wait before you get screwed over trying to buy an un-released soundtrack from amazon.
      you guys are idiots.

  3. claudya says:

    i want it all!! 🙂

  4. Grusome The Twi-Guy says:

    some heavier songs by harder bands would be nice considering this is the darkest movie yet.

  5. KellyXXD says:

    I think the Eclipse movie will do very, very well in the theaters.But that might be the cover, might be.They just might not have people willing yet to do songs for the soundtrack.But, I’m sure they’ll have songs on there.I’ll get it, anyway.Can’t wait for Eclipse!

  6. ????? says:

    ??????? ? ??? ????????? ?????, ?????? ?????!!! ?????? ???? ?????!!!

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