The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner Countdown

by on April 15, 2010
in Books, Stephenie Meyer

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Stephenie Meyer posted this cool looking countdown on her website for her new book The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner.
It was created by


14 Responses
  1. holz@team edward says:

    first comment 😀 x lol y make a book about bree! shes alittle scary thing , just make midnight sun !!! <3

  2. shaharEB says:

    sooooooo cooool:]

  3. Team Edcob says:

    Nice!! Really nice!!! I love it!!

  4. bella4eva says:

    this is just taking twilight (actually, eclipse lol) too far. . .

  5. Denaligirl says:

    I want that book out now!!!
    and I have a question when are they goingvto mention the Denali coven?

  6. annie says:

    im readyyyy lol

  7. Irene K. says:

    I really want Midnight Sun but anything Twilight related will do, I guess.

  8. Kekumukula says:

    I pre-ordered this. I get the Borders Reward e-mails. The pre-order price was first, $9.33. I waited a bit more and it went down to $8.25! I started ordering it online and found I had a $5 coupon. I only had to pay $7.23. What a freakin’ deal.

  9. Crystal says:

    I think that is kinda dumb i think people who rather read midnight sun than this. Whyy write this book and not write midnight sun? I am probablyy not going to read this.

  10. alice1317 says:

    awesome! i love twilight! eclipse is my favorite book and i can’t wait for this book to came out!!!!!! so excited and ready for eclipse to be out!!

  11. Hey! I love jasper…But i love this book!!

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