Twilight series on list of challenged books

by on April 15, 2010
in Books, Stephenie Meyer

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The Twilight Book series was ranked No. 5 on the annual report of “challenged books” released by the American Library Association.

Read more about it here.

Here is an excerpt:

Meyer’s stories of vampires and teen romance have been criticized for sexual content; a library association official also thinks that the “Twilight” series reflects general unease about supernatural stories.

“Vampire novels have been a target for years and the `Twilight’ books are so immensely popular that a lot of the concerns people have had about vampires are focused on her books,” says Barbara Jones, director of the association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom.

Thanks Crystal!!!


17 Responses
  1. shaharEB says:

    in what do they mean by challenged?

  2. shaharEB says:

    oh got it//:

  3. I read there is nothing sexual in it just say what happens after. Can people get it right please….Check out my website

  4. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!! theres nothing sexual about the twilight books…..well only a little bit in breaking dawn but nothing else. plus the twilight books is the best thing that ever happened in this entire UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. garfield2287 says:

    Yes, I agree, there is no sexual content in these books. Compare it to Richelle Mead’s Succubus books that is sexual content that should have rating labels like the video games. But that would take a bit of the discovery that reading gives.

  6. Paris says:

    What ‘unease’. They’re just sniffing around because The Twilight Saga is the hottest trend right now. It was the same with Harry Potter as if kids were actually running around casting curses on people. Vampire and other supernatural stories are supposed to be shocking, sensuous, alluring and thought provoking. There would be absolutely no reason in reading if it didn’t make you feel something. I can only imagine the ALA’s take on Anne Rice’s novels. They simply need to bone up.

  7. Crystal Cullen says:

    haha right?? thats the reason i sent it to leandra…I thought it was sooo unfair 🙁

  8. sylvia says:

    Did they not read that There was no sex before marriage. Read the books people before you start passing judgements people. Stephanie is amazing

  9. Vanessa Cullen says:

    I understand when they talk about some of the other books on the list, but I don’t understand why they included the The Twilight Saga! Like sylvia wrote, nothing happened in first three books, only in Breaking Dawn. A lot of people should be happy that kids are reading books. I wonder if the group that created this list even read the series.

  10. Laur says:

    I love Twilight it is amazing i dont care what anyone says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Kristin24 says:

    Uhhh, this is like Harry Potter all over again. So sad that people get crazy about books :-/ I could understand if they were on the book shelves in elementary schools, but High School and even Jr. High is fine. It’s not like many kids now don’t know what sex is about! Or they’re even experienced for that matter. Oh well. At least we can still BUY what we please.

  12. scarlett says:

    What sexual content? I was screaming for sexual content the whole time I was reading the series!!!

  13. Slinkiee says:

    Sexual content? What sexual content! I’m with Scarlett! I was begging for MORE all thorugh the series. LOL

    • Slinkiee says:

      I meant THROUGH the series.

      I think people today underestimate out great teens today and how they subjects such as sexuality.

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