Eclipse Board Game

by on May 12, 2010
in Cards & Games, Merchandise

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The Eclipse Board game is now available for pre-order om Amazon.
It is available May 27th.

Product Features

* Features over 100 scenes and pictures form the movie
* Challenging questions for the avid and the casual fan
* Sculpted Cullen Crest and Volturi Crest Moving pieces
* Beautiful playing board and cards contain over 100 images from the Eclipse movie
* Based on the mega-hit movie

Thanks Sandra!!!


11 Responses
  1. TeamRiley9 says:

    ahahah, this looks awesome!!! I really want it to come out NOW!!

  2. Vanessa Cullen says:

    I love playing the other 2 board games so I can’t wait to buy this one!

  3. lurdes says:

    play the twilight game’ want 2 play the eclipse games

  4. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG , I LOVE THE other board games. And i always win ha ha :). I can not wait for it to come out. Plush it gives you dishes on the movie. Picture wise.

  5. Rosalie Hale says:

    I loved the Twilight and New Moon board game, I can’t wait until the Eclipse board game comes out! 🙂

  6. NayNay918 says:

    i gotta get this board game. i didnt get new moon yet but i will soon =)

  7. Kim Connell says:

    Can anyone help me. I have been given the Eclipse board game as a gift but
    it has no instructions on how to play. I cant find any on the net. Any ideas Please Anyone.
    Cheers Kim

    • hijinee martinez says:

      it is so easy you do the same thing that you did for the other one games like twilight new moon you can also look up the directions on the computer…!!!!!!!!!

  8. chaitanya lautner says:

    omg what a cool game you shud soo play iht and ihf you havent thats just sow unco azzzz like azzzzz

  9. Bailey Walters says:

    where can u find the insstructions for the Eclipse board game? I NEED TO KNOW!!!

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