Twilight wins at National Movie Awards

by on May 27, 2010
in Eclipse Movie, New Moon Movie, Videos

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Eclipse wins most anticipated movie of the year.

Robert Pattinson Wins Performance of the Year.

New Moon wins Best Fantasy Movie.

Thanks Ashley and Becky!


4 Responses
  1. jemsalvatore says:

    i watched it and loved peters attempt at using british words in his second speech! wonder y he was on his own. least rob had a message for his.

  2. NayNay918 says:


  3. Lara says:

    Cool! Peter looked good in the suit, although, I think he looks better with brown hair.

    And so nice of Robert to send a message to his fans. He looks so genuinely honored and so kind. I hope he doesn’t become jaded by Hollywood.

  4. twigirl says:

    Wow! Rob looks really good. And, yes! Eclipse won! New Moon Won! ^.^

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