Top 10 Twilight and New Moon moments

by on May 28, 2010
in New Moon Movie, Twilight Movie

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OK! Magazine has up an article counting down the top 10 moments in the Twilight Saga so Far.

Check it all out here to see what they list.

Do you like their list?
Would you add something else?

Below are my favorites they listed (Jacob is involved of course, but even Edward fans gotta love it when Jacob takes off his shirt right LOL!!)

New Moon: Jacob takes his shirt off
Yes, the screams in the cinema, we heard them all. In fact, we took part in them. Although, editor Geoff was less than impressed.

New Moon: Jacob saves Bella from the sea
Bella realises adrenaline makes her hallucinate Edward’s presence and goes cliff jumping. Luckily, Jacob plays the hero and saves her from the freezing water. Cue more topless Jacob shots.


11 Responses
  1. Lisa says:

    I would add 2 scenes from Twilight to the top ten; first is an obvious one, when Edwards saves Bella from getting squished by the MPV. 2nd is when they first arrive at school as a couple and everyone stares!!

    For New Moon – I like the scene where Bella asks Jacob “Are you breaking up with me? er I mean………” and she feels awkward at what she’s said.

    All I can say is I haven’t been this fanatical about a film and books for a very long time!! Well done to all involved!! 😀

  2. Irene K. says:

    I like Lisa’s additions especially Edward saving Bella from the skidding van–this is supposed to be the phenomenon.

  3. Cyden :]] says:

    me toooo!!!

    I agree with all of you!!!!


  4. Lilo says:

    well I don’t agree with you. I don’t understand how you could just be judging someone for his abs. It’s not fair. Edward has so much more than abs, than Jacob will never have or get. Edward has a personality. He’s lovable. Jacob’s personality mainly stands for his abs. I mean, come on! In Twilight no one noticed Jacob, and suddenly when he’s having a show off in new moon all the girls went over to him, but it’s just some frekin’ abs! everyone has them so why being so hysterical about him? Edward is special. He is not like anyone else. That is exactly what Jacob is, thinking he can get a girl with his abs.

    • JessicaLynn says:

      I Agree with Lilo!! All Jacob is about is his looks and if you ask me….he could use a nose job! Edward IS much more than you think! He don’t even kill humans because he feels that its wrong! Most vampires don’t care but Edward DOES!! He has FEELINGS and as I see it Jacob only cares if he gets Bella or not! Edward does everything he can to protect her!

    • leandra says:

      i was always team jacob even before the movie just because i think taylor is hot doesnt have anything to do with me being team jacob

      was team jacob always

    • drghada says:

      agree 100% .. plus, Edward is polite,tender,cool,smart,selfless,…..a real man u can count on him..and trying to make Bella happy and safe even if she chooses to go on with her life without him,as in breaking dawn (spoiler alert):”when he asked Jack to convince her to get rid of the baby and if she wants to have a normal child she can have it with Jack”!!!… on the other hand Jack is trying to steal her, she never allowed him to be her lover but he kisses her twice trying to confuse her feelings,cursing Edward and calling him names all the time,and he is angry and rude even to Bella sometimes..I think (spoiler):it is all about the imprinting with her daughter,,he doesn’t love her specially if u compare him to Edward. Edward behave so good that he is human more than most humans are,,a vampire role model!!!!

  5. drghada says:

    I would like to add the last part of the prom scene when Edward said” are you ready right now” and leaned on her neck as if he was going to bite her then kissed her neck an extremely passionate and lovely kiss..

  6. Alyssa Joy says:

    I love those New Moon moments. I’m also going to love the Eclipse moments. My favorite scene was the one when Bella fell off the motorcycle and Jacob took his shirt off. I melted to the ground when I saw Jacob with his shirt off. Bella was so clumsy when she fell of the motorcycle. At least Jacob helped her.

  7. Steph_wolfgirl!! says:

    OF COURSE one of the New Moon Moments is Jake taking his shirt off!!! 😀 <3 HES SO HAWT!

  8. melissa says:

    slt domage je ne parle pas englais ce que je peux dire cque twilight est le meilleur films que j’ai vu c une histoire écxéptionnelle

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