Interview with Emily Haines from the Band Metric

by on May 30, 2010
in Eclipse Movie, Interviews, Music

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Emily Haines is the lead singer of the band Metric whose song, Eclipse (All Yours), is on the Eclispe Soundtrack.
Interview Magazine has an interview with her.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

NIKA: You recently announced that Metric wrote the theme song, “Eclipse (All Yours),” for Twilight: Eclipse. How did you get involved with the biggest pop cultural franchise of our time?

HAINES: It was one of the most out of the blue things that could ever happen. I got a call from Howard Shore–who scored Lord of the Rings and David Cronenberg’s Naked Lunch–and he invited me to write a song with him for the movie, which is totally different than simply contributing a song to the soundtrack. I immediately said yes. It was an amazing experience. I watched the scenes; I’m not an actress, but I was speaking for Bella, in a way. I didn’t know much about the series going in, but I didn’t need to be a fan. I was writing for a moment, really connected with the character–she


3 Responses
  1. shaharEB says:

    first comment =]

  2. Courtney Cullen/Black says:

    First- You got the second ‘Eclipse’ in the first sentence spelled wrong. You put ‘Eclispe’ when it should be ‘Eclipse’ “But don’t we all?!?!?!
    Second- Very cool! Can’t wait for ‘Eclipse’
    P.S. Just trying to be helpful! 😉

  3. Joe Smith says:

    Check out the Metric headlining the radio 104.5 summer show in Philadelphia June 28,2010! Silversun Pickups, the Henry Clay People, and Against Me! will also be there. Follow the link to see more information.

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