Breaking Dawn Countdowns

by on June 20, 2010
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Eclipse is almost here but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be excited about Breaking Dawn. You can count down the days until the next chapter of the Twilight Saga with our Breaking Dawn movie countdowns. The countdowns feature graphics of Edward, Jacob, Bella, and the Cullens. They can be added to blogs, websites, and profiles. Check them out here.


23 Responses
  1. TeamRiley9 says:

    whoa!!! thats cool as but its agesss away till breaking dawn
    CAN’T WAIT!!!
    When do they get started on the movie??

  2. lol really? well i just so excited 4 eclipse that i dont care about breaking dawn right now (which is weird…) but i still REALLY excited 4 breaking dawn. i can’t believe there’s a countdown already. it’s more then a year away.

  3. Emochick says:

    OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Cant brethe!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but to long of a wait…blech

  4. Jordan says:

    thats too long

  5. Claudya says:

    that’s toooooooo long!!!!!!!!! 🙁 ;(
    how am I gonna survive untill then ;(

  6. Annie/Dani says:

    too longgggg

  7. TeAm EdWaRd says:

    it was confirmed on june 11 that the twilight saga breaking dawn will be split into two movies. good cause if it was 1 it would be shorter. The first part will come out november 11 2011 cant wait but first i must wait 19 days for eclipse. Can’t wait. Personally i think the movie will be split like this. The settings of bella’s and Jacob’s side of the story in the first movie. So when she becomes a vampire the movie will end. In the second movie it will be all about being a vampire. Cant wait.

  8. Margaret and James Pack says:

    UGH!!! We are on the edges of our seats!!! This waiting, will it EVER end!!?? We are soooo ready for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn….OMGoodness!! M & J

  9. shaharEB says:

    thank you for doing this!~!!!!!!

  10. mykaela says:

    hahahaha!!! 514 days!!! thats awful! im gonna die!!! oh well, in the mean time i’ll be a hp freak and go see part one of the seventh in november…lolz!

  11. Edward mmm says:

    am i the only one who gets depressed looking at these countdowns?? over 500 days!!! that is way too long

  12. TeAm EdWaRd says:

    omg omg omg omg omg i just saw eclipse and it was the awesomest movie i have ever seen. Want to see a second time. 505 days till breaking dawn cant wait. And i do get depressed when i look at the numbers but i wont let that keep me down for the next 505 days

  13. demon says:

    i dont see the big deal with the twilight movies because i love the actions and fighting parts but all the kissing stuff is gross and one minuet bellas want to become a vampire not the next and it’s the same weather she wants to be with jacob or edward i mean pick one already it dont take 4 movies to pick does it……….

  14. amber says:

    Im excited its taking forever cause I cant see it till im 15 or 16!!! which is really sad!! 🙁

  15. simran says:

    i wish breaking dawn could have been done in 1 part only

    • Love says:

      i totally don’t understand if it was only part one there’s whole of things might be left out abd really 754 page only in part one cereal but who am i to judge………………………….(team Edward and the Cullens 4ever0 (LOL) 🙂

  16. Love says:

    OMG i can’t wait for the forth movie comes out and i can’t wait to the wedding, the honeymooon, the birth of their daughter and the transportation of bella becoming immortal and have i mention that Edward is going to be in a tux (talk about yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy) (LOL) 🙂

  17. Alice cullen n bella swans no.1 fan says:

    hi every one I really really really hope there is no team jacob’s here coz I HATE him.he hurts her so much in the second and third movies.I SO cant wait 4 breaking dawn.I LOVE TWILIGHT!The books are as good as the films if not……BETTER!

  18. Julie says:

    Hi! i’m from denmark! me and my friend Anna L0VE the Twilight saga!!!!!
    and we love bella & edward. we can’t wait to breaking dawn!!!!!! (-:

  19. Priyanka says:

    I cant wait till breaking dawn comes out.
    i started counted down since like 50 days to go!!
    i cant believe its getting closer and closer!!!!
    i love taylor lautner the best!!! <3

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