More Pics from Kristen Stewart’s Elle Magazine Shoot

by on June 24, 2010
in Cast & Characters, Photo shoot

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Gotta Love them!!!
Check out more here.


11 Responses
  1. Mrs.Laine Cullen says:

    She is gorgeous!!

  2. luvinroby says:

    she looks so hot !!! lol lover her

  3. Foxxx says:

    Lovely pics. BTW Leandra, Gee you had one BUSY DAY, GURL! Keep ’em coming!

  4. shaharEB says:

    shes amazing

  5. Yvonne says:

    Beautiful girl and very talented!!

    • JacobBlackCrazy says:

      I don’t want to be mean or anything but, K-Stew can not act. She always looks depresed, even when she needs to be happy.

      • TeamSwitz says:

        Why are commenting then? If you don’t like her, don’t waste the fan’s day by leaving hate comments! God, I’m really sick of these haters coming on and thinking that we are actually going to put up with it! I’m not only talking about you. I’ve seen worse comments about her, and I think that they need to stop. Kristen is human like all of us. She isn’t perfect, neither are we. How would you like it know that every day people are bashing you on the internet?
        Another thing that bothers me is that Hollywood is only concentrated on bringing in tanned, blond bimbos, that some of us don’t understand true celebrities anymore. Kristen is not the “perfect” type. She isn’t fake like a lot of stars that little kids look up to, so they can become sluts at the age of ten. Kristen isn’t “preppy” like others. That’s why I like her, because she is confident in who she is, and she says what she means and means what she says. There is no talent on the radio, or in movies anymore. So I’m seriously sorry if I sound rude or annoying to anyone, but i really blame Hollywood for a lot of these haters.
        Anyways, I really love both of these!

        • Team Bella says:

          I agree with you. Why waste time hating on someone when you could do something more useful rather than hurting somebody’s feeling.
          I think Kristen is a wonderful girl and i don’t think she deserves to be hated on. Some of the hating is just rather stupid. I mean hating on her for not knowing how to ‘act’?! I mean, if she didn’t know how to act, don’t you think she would not have been chosen to play Bella?
          I don’t want to sound rude but seriously people, grow up and stop hating on her or atleast stop wasting your time on writing rude comments.

      • Mrs. lautner/black says:

        Yeah I agree,kinda. She can act, obviously if she was picked to play Bella. But she does look depressed when she should be happy.

  6. TeamRiley9 says:

    again kristen….. P-E-R-F-E-C-T. gorgeous kristen. <3 <3

  7. Mrs. lautner/black says:

    I like kristen and all but, in the movies she blinks too much, and her mouth never fully closes. I think she is beautiful but she really needs to work on that. But I still love her! And I am not a hater. And i think people who are, need to grow up and get a life. Thanks,have a nice day.

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