Edward and Bella Fan Art

by on June 26, 2010
in Fan Art

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Found this on Deviant Art.
The artist name is ~leejun35.
Awesome stuff!!

Check out all her work here.
I love the top pic so much!!!!


13 Responses
  1. chary .. says:


  2. shaharEB says:

    nice work!
    the first one especially =]

  3. Annie/Dani says:

    im in love

  4. MaryMaeLuvsROb says:

    wow, these are really pretty .. i love them, wow!

  5. Brandon says:

    these are amazing!

  6. breee says:

    the first is gorgeous!!

  7. Margaret Pack says:

    WOW!! They are Totally Amazing!! Great Work!! M

  8. Aamerah says:


  9. maryalicebrandon says:

    those are soooo good! i especially love the first one though 😀

  10. Lurdes says:

    The first pic is indentical with edward & bella and it really amazing with all this pictures.

  11. Laurie from Georgia says:

    Love these pictures! Thanks for posting them!

  12. Jeini Reese says:

    Want t everyone to know that I just watched “Remember Me”. It never came to our theatre. So I didn’t get to see it until it came out on DVD and I purchased it. “what a great movie”. Robert is such a good actor…….”. Please see it if you haven’t already. After some of the bad reviews it got I didn’t know what to expect. it is a great,great movie. Loved it.

  13. MEEEEEEEE says:

    thw first one looks like a real picture!!!! amazing work!

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