The Wolf Pack

by on June 27, 2010
in Cast & Characters

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Ashley sent me this I believe it’s from the Eclipse Movie Companion, but not sure. Anyways I thought it was totally cool seeing the characters matched to their wolves. You all know how much I love my Wolf Pack!!!!



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  1. BooBooLover says:

    my husbands wolf is my favorite!!!!
    Love u Boo Boo!!!!

  2. Abigail says:

    Taylor is the hottest!!!! 2 more days!!!!!!! 🙂

  3. Team Alice & Jasper says:

    that is cool!!!!! 😀
    you can kinda see how seths wolf is a little shaller then the others 😛

  4. jenn says:

    whoa! they kinda look like them 🙂

  5. BooBooLover says:

    My husbands wolf is my favorite!!!!
    Love you Boo Boo!!!!

  6. Ally! says:

    Way cool! The wait is almost over!

  7. KAITLYNN says:


  8. Lurdes says:

    wow knowThis is cool Know every can know who is Jacob, Sam , jared, Leah, Seth, and the wolf because it was confusing which one was Sam Paul and embry.

  9. Lurdes says:

    The wolves that I like is Taylor and Paul. 🙂

  10. Team Switzerland!! says:

    OMG! sick as pic!! did any1 else notice that leah and jasper have like the exact same hair cut!?!?! lol! jacob’s still my fave coz he has FAB ABZ! (but still all da guys do) LOL!!

  11. Lurdes says:

    No!! Edward he is the hottest on vampire he run faster

  12. Dez says:

    Leah’s the fastest wolf she might be faster than Edward, and are we ever gonna see Collin and Brady? like even just there wolves? cuz they should be in the clearing for training the first day

  13. ATMzie says:

    The wolves realy are amazing, i love how in new moon Jacobs wolf form has his facial expressions. You can also see here how Leahs wolf looks more feminine.

  14. shaharEB says:

    wow they all look great
    leah is so awesome!
    its just that i cant believe that they took this bronson to play jared!
    jared is supossed to be huge !!

  15. team Jalice says:

    they look awesome! Seth looks the best ^_^

  16. Annie/Dani says:

    finally i can tell them apart

  17. Littletwilighter says:

    Love the pics Thanks….

  18. Alyssa Joy says:

    I just bought the Eclipse movie companion a few weeks ago and I spotted this Wolf Pack page on it. I love the pictures of the shirtless wolves. They’re so hot! My most favorite guy from the wolf pack is Jacob. He’s the hottest wolf in the pack.

  19. miranda says:

    yah i agree seth is the best i like his wolf form the color is awsome

  20. miranda says:

    my fav vamp is emmet hes the biggest my fav gurl vamp is alice shes all skippy and hoppy and pixie like

  21. miranda says:

    im so bored

  22. miranda says:

    i love twilight if i had to choose between watchin and readin twilight or readin harry potter i would so pick twilight

  23. miranda says:

    my fav voltoria vamp is jane whos yours

  24. miranda says:

    =) =D

  25. miranda says:


  26. miranda says:


    • jacoblover says:

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love them alllll just wrote down all the names of the wolf pack Seth:),Quil,Leah,Jacob:),Paul,Sam,Embry,and Jered!!!!!! now i know them all!!!WHOOOOOOO

  27. miranda says:

    lalalal some one tlk up here or somethin’

  28. miranda says:

    yah im bored i love twilight if i could read it i would but i dont have the books with me right now yah listen to music lalalalalalalalalqalallslslalalal 😉 lol

  29. miranda says:

    🙂 i like the way it makes it look like a face

  30. miranda says:


  31. miranda says:

    im smilein big lol 😀

  32. miranda says:

    :'( not sad just felt like doin that

  33. miranda says:


  34. miranda says:

    dancin to music lalalal

  35. kaitlyn says:

    Boo Boo looks sad but cute!! Taaylor. OH!Taylor is hot!

  36. Jacki says:

    Paul, Jared, Jacob, Seth <3 It's kinda cool how Leah's wolf looks more feminine than the others and how Seth's is smaller. 😀

  37. esme moore says:

    i love this they look like them

  38. Angel Sophie says:

    I loves twilight its my favorite movie! <3

  39. Twilight says:

    I love Seth and Embry *~*
    Jacob is okay.
    I don’t like Renesmee very much, she is so…pff >_<

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