Kristen Stewart on Letterman

So what do you all think about her new hairstyle?
The wolf Jack is so cute!!!!!

Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black!



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  1. Nichole says:

    First comment! Her hairstyle is very cute! 🙂

  2. Aretha says:

    She looks like David is gettin on her nerves throughout some of the interview… oh well. LOVE KRISTEN STEWART!! don’t really care for David.. Never had.

  3. shaharEB says:

    david annoys me here!
    when he talks he doesnt even talk about eclipse the movie ya know..
    and kristens hair is totaly cute!!
    its very..alicey =]
    and david is deffinetly getting on kristen nerves..

  4. Kacci says:

    So, what was the clip that they showed?

  5. Arianna says:

    Dave was just a jerk during the whole interview… she was very classy … I hate that moron and I love her more now
    She looks very pretty with this hair
    She once said that her hair was never hers that it always depend of a job or a character on a movie I hope this looks is hers end her decision

    • TeamSwitz says:

      Wow. David was a jerk in this one.
      I love Kristen even MORE now!
      She’s so right about the shooting wolves thing. It irritates me too! Here in southern Michigan, we have too many deer on the roads because hunters shot all the wolves, so now they’re extinct in this area and so they all live in the U.P!
      You could see that Kristen was PISSED when he was making fun of her! My best friend, (who’s house is more like my second home) has a wolf-hybrid and he’s the sweetest dog ever! They used to have another but he died two years ago and we both cry when he’s mentioned. I hate when people hate on some dogs because of their breed. It doesn’t mean anything.
      And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hairstyle and outfit!

  6. Bella Cullen says:

    What the heck where was the clip???????????????? Love her hair… and she is looking more and more cute every time you see them… Love the color…….

  7. TIFFANY says:

    so firts, i love her hair!!!! its actually pretty close to her natural color! she has natral red in her hair, its beatiful

    it is for a movie, is for on the road, which she starts filming soon.

    and lastly, she was VERY annoyed toward the last half of this interview! i dont blame her! i am not a fan of david, never have been, but he was being a total jerk here! and obviously just making fun of the film more than anything! i think once he commented about wolves being dangorous, it was down hill from there.

    i love how if ur pissing ks off, shes not going to sit and pretend to b happy! shes a real person, and shes awesome!

  8. twimom5 says:

    David is such a jerk. She handles it really well. Wow – I hope she never goes on his show again. I haven’t liked him in years. He needs to retire!

    I like her hair. It looks good on her.

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