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OK, it’s Midnight Eclipse has Arrived!!!!!
Alright, you have seen the movie now what do you think?

What did they do right?
What did they do wrong?

Hate it?
Love it?

Better than Twilight?
Better than New Moon?

Your favorite scene?
In the comments below let everyone know what you thought.


I am going around 3 pm today to watch it then I’ll add my review to this post. So Excited!!!

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OK, I just got back from Eclipse and I really liked it.

Here is what I didn’t care for: (and things I did like in these particular scenes)

* The wigs – didn’t like anyone’s especially Victoria’s

* A lot of things I thought should of been in the movie were omitted, I understand there is only so much you can fit in two hours. Parts seemed rushed because they were trying to fit multiple things into like a 10 minute spot and if you haven’t read the books you were clueless.

* They did a great job with lines from the movie, but I was very upset they excluded a few.

– OK, the tent scene, my favorite scene in the whole series, they had alot of good lines, even though they changed some, but they didn’t include my favorite line from the whole series, “Go fetch a space heater. I’m not a St. Bernard. (Jacob)” I mean come on!! Why didn’t they include that? Overall I enjoyed the tent scene very much just disappointed they didn’t include that line.

– “I just beheaded and dismembered a sentient creature not twenty yards from you. That doesn’t bother you? (Edward)”
Why wasn’t that line in the movie? They kinda of skipped over the whole her in a semi shocked state during that scene. And her with the rock and everything. Besides, not including that line, I really loved the whole Riley, Edward, Seth, Victoria fight/death scene. Seth was kicking butt!! (My perfect favorite little wolf) And even though Seth was only in the movie for a few minutes in human form I thought he was great! Oh and when Riley was begging for Victoria to help him and she hardly even acknowledge him I felt so heartbroken for Riley!

* The Switzerland line Bella says. Wish they would included the whole line it would of took like 2 more seconds. It didn’t have the same effect cut short.

* I wish we would of got a little more Bree. After reading the new Bree book I wanted to see more of her. (I know she wasn’t much in the Eclipse book, but man I loved the Bree Tanner Novellla)

* I wish they would have ended the movie with Jacob leaving though in wolf form.

What I loved:

* The Virgin Chat – Once again Charlie has the funniest lines. I just love him. He is great in every scene he is in.

* The Tribe Bonfire – Love the legends of the tribe and thought it was awesome to see the flashback!!! Loved Billy telling the story and you see him play with the pouch around his neck, the one that carries the ashes of the ancient cold one, and thought it was a nice touch.

* Jessica’s Graduation Speech – Go Jessica, not in the book, but a great addition to the movie!

* The Wolf Pack – Not in the movie much in human form, but when they are they rock.

* Riley – Xavier Samuel is an amazing actor. I thought he did an excellent job in the movie. Keep an eye on this boy he is going places.

* The entire part from the moment Bella punches Jacob till the end of the arguing. Great scenes!

* Rosalie’s Back story I really enjoyed. Jasper’s was ok, but I liked Rosalie’s better.

* I thought Bryce did an excellent job as Victoria.

* Just like in New Moon the wolves looked amazing!

* I really liked the Cullens getting more face time too. Overall everyone’s acting in this movie was superb! Jasper was great!!!

OK So I know there is more I didn’t care for and more I loved, but those were the main ones.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie, but I think I still like New Moon more. Don’t know why exactly I just do. Eclipse lived up to everything I knew it was going to be, a great movie!!! I wasn’t disappointed. I can now stop obsessing over Eclipse. I will not start obsessing over Breaking Dawn, which is my favorite book in the series!!! Only 505 more days LOL!!!!!

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  1. Jane says:

    I must agree with the comments by TEAMseth,jake&jasper x.

  2. Team Carlisle says:

    A-MA-ZING. watched it last night. I love how many quotes there were from the book, as eclipse is my favourite book. I think the film is the best out of the three that have come out so far. I loved how much Jasper was in it and i liked it how he had ALOT more lines than in the previous movies. I’m bummed that they didn’t have Bella fainting :/. Can’t wait to see it again. <333

  3. Rachel E. says:

    I went and saw the movie yesterday, and lemme tell ya, it was amazing and uppsetting at the same time. (more amazing than upsetting though…)

    I didnt like how they cut out Alices pouting in the garage, about the Yellow Porshe.

    There were many things i loved though, like Jessica’s speech at graduation, The sex talk, Charlie, The Jacob Kiss. Oh man.

    Once i see the movie a few more times, i will be able to pick it appart though.

    It was just so amazing!

  4. Debbie H says:

    Saw it last night and must say I wasn’t disappointed. Much better than New Moon – more Edward. OK they skipped bits we all know they have to in the time allowed but I thought it flowed very well. The fight scenes were so good, the romance and the tension between Edward and Jacob was excellent. Shame about Switzerland though. The tent scene could have been better but it was still good. Strangely didn’t notice the wigs too much. Can’t wait for Breaking Dawn.

  5. drghada says:

    well done movie,, smooth and exciting at the same time.but still this Bella is tougher than the one in the books,still hate the motorcycle riding scene and her shouting in Edward’s face before going to kiss Jack..the rest of the movie was perfect, the flash backs scenes were short but delivered every detail,,just amazing. the acting was better that new moon and the romance was beyond expectations for a horror movies director,steaming HOT.

    • jule says:

      I agree with drghada. Bella leaving Edward at the school for Jacob and yelling at him on the mountain were horribale scenes and i cringe everytime i watch them but the rest was good. was sooo disapointed they didnt show alice and bella at the end when alice reveals the wedding dress…..that would have been awesome!!!! cant wait for breaking dawn…they’re looking at a proper adult rating….apparently MA in Australia….bring it on!!!!

  6. Jackie says:

    omg i loved eclipse. i thought the bits with jacob were a bit slow, but other than that were great. the sex talk with charlie was hilarios, every one in the theature was laughing. it was so lovely with the propsal scene. it was so cute and perfect. i was a bit sad that they didnt explain much about the baubles though. i loved the rosalie flash back! exspecially with her red eyes! other than that the movie was great. i dont see why the reviews and ratings are so low. cant wait for breaking dawn!

  7. Laura says:

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORED ECLIPSE! the fight scenes where spectacular loved the twist with bella cutting herself, scenes between bella and edward were heart melting, dissapionted they didn’t include jacob’s line “i can’t compete with an eclipse” and they didn’t really show how upset bella was when she left jacob at the end, but other than that loved it so many lines from the book were in great!

  8. M says:

    Okay, I’ll start by saying that I’m a lifelong – ever after Twihard for the books and I went to see Eclipse at midnight. I appreciate and value the fact that someone’s writing has been able to touch so many, and I relish the short spell the movies surround me in that makes me hopeful that some part of books do exist in real life. I had hoped that by not writing this for a few days after the premiere would allow me to cool down, but it seems I have only been able to fester and get up at 3 o’clock in the morning to write all this down.

    It all comes down to this: I feel that this movie (more than the others) was made for popular culture “everyone” and not the fans who camp out an entire week and make the films a success.
    1. There was too much focus on action (don’t get me wrong, I thought it was visually stimulating and neat),
    2. But it took predominance over important lines and development from the book
    3. And there was a negligence in staying true to the characters’ emotion and behavior
    Bella and Edward were compromised, Jacob was idolized, and the deep emotions were ignored in favor of 40 more seconds of a wolf lunging.

    The entire movie that was choppy, fast, and incongruent left me constantly asking questions:

    -How could you let Edward get all physical – shoving, pushing, violent – when Edward would never show that amount of unrestraint? Robert Pattinson – I don’t care if you want Edward to “not be so held back all the time” – Edward is plenty deadly in his voice and threats and control in that scene. He cares for Bella too much to be shoving Jacob around.

    This whole franchise has turned into “let’s favor the ripped sex-god who will sell more tickets” rather than what it is as heart – A LOVE STORY.

    -And Bella – how could you just LEAVE EDWARD STANDING THERE in the dark and ignore him?! That is totally not Bella! She only runs to visit Jake when Edward is already away and she is moved by “Save the wolf” posters – not when Jacob’s being a jerk, coming to her school, and making her feel all guilty to get on a motorcycle.

    -AND WHERE IS JACOB’S HOWL OF PAIN IN WOLF FORM after he hears they are getting married? (I am 100% team Edward but that doesn’t mean that howl doesn’t pierce me in the books)

    Where is Edward being painted as the GOOD GUY WHO LETS BELLA CHOOSE JACOB WHENEVER AND UNDERSTANDS HER RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM ALWAYS. Who explains that it was only fear for her safety that made him not let her go to La Push, and who admits his jealousy when they are on the wrought-iron rose bed??? Who recognizes during the “sexy” motorcycle scene, that motorcycles are a Jacob thing, or asks Bella if she’s really made the right choice at the end of the book, or who always updates her on where Jacob is in the battle and if he’s alright, and who tells her not to take off the wolf charm because it’s part of who she is and she loves him??????

    -And where is Edward KICKING ASS and definitely not almost losing during the fight with Victoria?

    -WHERE IS BELLA SLAMMING HER WINDOW SHUT after Edward takes the battery from her car AND THEN OPENING IT AS FAR AS IT WILL GO???!!! That is so important in showing that she always loves him to the utmost of her ability!


    -Where was the first half of the book, or at least the beginning, with the whole love confession/reminder: “Do you really have any idea how important you are to me? And concept at all of how much I love you?” “I know how much I love you”. (They completely glossed over Bella’s still deep love for Edward)

    -Where was Jacob’s “I’LL BE WAITING IN THE WINGS”!!!! (And Edward saying the same “wings” thing in the tent scene! That was so poignant and important! I get if they want to keep the wedding invitation, him running off as a wolf for the beginning of the next one – but at least that line, not ‘until your heart stops beating’)


    -Where was “Are you reading science fiction again mom? You shouldn’t, you know they scare you” one line?

    – Why are the vampires suddenly MADE OF ICE AND NOT STONE when they die? And why were there no bonfires? I thought you had to burn them…

    -Where was Bella bawling after Jacob wishes her dead, and her not immediately forgiving him?
    -Where was Edward becoming young and giddy and 17 when he gives her the ring, and Bella starting to fall for marriage?
    -Where’s the eerie lights at the party that make Bella the center of attention?
    -Why is Bella not up against a rock face during the battle scene that looks a lot like fake snow and sky?

    Alright, well I could probably come up with more…but I am trying to realize how hard it is to adapt from book to screen, the time limits, the hard visual effects, the hard consistency of emotion with a long film and keeping emotion, but I definitely think some things (especially Bella just nonchalantly, correctly thinking Victoria is creating the army were mistakes in adaptations and they should have stuck to Bella telling Alice. That’s the turning point of the book people! The realization of the climax!)

    There were some definite high points – Riley was fantastic, the music is always great, the wolf pack is hilarious in their brief spotlights, the ravine chase was a nice deviation from the book, the kissing scenes gratifying, and the back stories of Rosalie & Jasper so interesting to see! Sorry for being so negative, I’m sure the movie will grow on me like New Moon did, and I give the actors kudos for taking on such a daunting job and thank them anyway:)

    • edwardfan says:

      I completely agree, well said in so many ways!

    • nicky march says:

      I couldnt agree more…unfortunatly. I was looking forward to Eclipse, only to be dissapointed. You saved me alot of typing to cover the things that pi*sed me off. One thing you didnt bring up which upset me the most was Bellas speech at the end. When Edward asks her if immortality is about him, she says “sorry, its not about you.” WTF!?! Rosenburg didnt just change the conversation, she completly twisted it. In the book, when Edward asks Bella why she wants immortality so bad, she tells him “theres no point to forever without you”, and he is so happy, and to me that is a defining moment in their relationship. The ‘sorry its not about you’ comment makes Bella look so selfish, especially after she turns her back on him a couple of times(which never happened in the book, and never would have)over Jacob, one of which on a motercycle leaving Edward in a cloud of dust at school.
      The love story between E/B has been sidelined in order to make more money with the teams bullsh*t, which I hate because to me there are no teams. Bella has always loved and chosen Edward, and even after she realized she had feeling for Jake in Eclipse, nothing changed. She went on with Edward and Jake went on being a rude immature jerk.
      After seeing Eclipse, I left the theatre feeling angry, confused, disgusted and gyped. And to make it worse, my cousin(who didnt read the book) had to say “I dont know why she wants that Edward..I like Jacob.” Which had me blowing a gasket trying to explain that so many crucial Edward moments were left out. I dont think they showed what a selfless, caring, adoring, patient and kind-hearted character he is….to me he was a static character throught the real depth of character. Ive had a literary crush on Edward for a while….and was so excited to see him in this movie. Melissa Rosenburg said that she has a hard time writing for Edward…well I really think they should fire her ass before she ruins BD, which is my favorite. Knowing her, she will breeze right through the wedding and reception and make Bella and Jacobs dance drag on.
      I better stop myself because I could go on and on…one more thing though…for immortals who arent supposed to change…couldnt they try to make them look somewhat the same. Especially Jasper. He looked so good in Twilight. I think they all looked thier best in the first one.

    • g says:

      i’m so glad i’m not the only one that had these same thoughts about the film, but u did surprise me that u didn’t have anything to say about the training of the vampire army and how riley was changed also how deeply the volturi was involved( the cullans only suspected) as these were in the book the short second life of bree tanner and not eclipse or the other books, i know a few ppl that haven’t read the books but seen the films and found eclipse totally confusing.I did think the effects were great and will watch it loads more times, i just hope that they don’t miss alot of the important factors in breaking dawn and i also agree with ur high points about the film

    • Alice says:

      I am SO glad I saw these posts. I was starting to think that people who love these books are just zombies who like whatever the franchise spits out. I was SO disappointed with Eclipse and quite depressed about it after seeing it. New Moon was also disappointing but Eclipse seems like it is about different characters altogether! I really believe that Catherine Hardwick understood these wonderful complicated characters and created a mood that actually felt like the book. I really wish they would stop getting these male directors who are hung up on the action scenes and get a director who is a reader, a fan, and a woman who GETS IT!

      So disappointing. For my friends who have not read the books, I was embarrassed to present this terrible film as a representation of a series I love. So sad… and I am really worried about BD now. I can only imagine it will be more of the same disconnected crap that has very little to do with the wonderful books.

  9. Yvonne says:

    Hi, I am a fan of the books and I like the movie Eclipse but I was a bit disappointed. For those who don’t know the book is it a bit difficult to see relations between scenes. So the book should be a must before you watch the movie. I didn’t like the make-up of Carlisle, Edward and Emmet. Jasper looked much better than in the other 2 movies before. I also didn’t like the too yellow eyes. Is looked much better in Twilight and New Moon. Then I missed a couple of scenes from the book and other things, like the meeting with Edward, Bella and Jacob at school, were totally different from the book.
    Overall… a great movie!
    What I love more:
    Eclipse Movie or Eclipse Book => Book
    Eclipse Movie or New Moon Movie => New Moon

  10. am337 says:

    God, M I agree with you SO much. These were my exact thoughts throughout the movie, and it kept tickling in the back of my mind like “something’s wrong. It was alittle upsetting, though the movie was still amazing.

  11. Andria says:

    I was very disappointed with the Eclipse movie after reading the book. The Director & writers did a piss-poor job of capturing the story. That’s what the studio get’s for a hiring a director that specializes in CGI instead of actually telling the story and the emotions of the charachters.

    The first Twighlight director was brilliant. Even the make-up artists in the last two movies were’nt that good.

    I hope the new Director for Breaking Dawn can take some much learned lessons from the mistakes of the last two movies. Too bad the Studio isn’t willing to make a Do-Over of Eclipse. They would make a ton of money if they focused more on the original story.

    Again, I can’t stress enough how disappointing this movie turned out.

  12. Tracy says:

    Read all the books and loved the movie – my favorite movie so far ECLIPSE. Can’t wait to see Breaking Dawn – at least the first part. I didn’t compare the books to the movie so I wasn’t disappointed at all. The only thing I can remember is the Tent scene in the book was alot better than the movie. That is my only complaint. Loved it saw it twice already and ready to go see it again – can’t wait to buy it on DVD and then I will buy the board game. I went with two different groups everytime I saw it and everyone loved it and they all read the books too. The books are more detailed because they can be the movies have to have more action. LOVED IT.


  13. B says:

    I too am a fan of the books and feel that the characters true emotions and behaviour were totally wrong. Bella seemed overly aggressive towards Edward when he tried to stop her going after Jacob in both scenes (outside school and on the mountain) I HATED the end where Bella tells Edward that the choice she made was not all about him, In the book HE is HER choice, she knows who she cannot live without, EDWARD!!!
    However at least they kept the romace and humour that comes with Eclipse. Liked the action parts too.
    Agree with M that alot of key points and important quotes were left out but I also have to appreciate that we can’t expect evrything on page to be put on screen, unfortunately 🙁

  14. ptbroo says:

    I totally agree with M, and hope that Melissa Rosenberg and Stephanie see our comments before they film Breaking Dawn. The first movie really followed the book, the second left out just a few significant parts, like their feelings after seeing the volturi, and when they got back.
    But Eclipse, departed too much from the book. I think they must feel that they would get more males in to see the movie, which they aren’t and won’t. They also need to realize that the books and movies are not just tweens. I am a middle aged professional and have talked with several hundred women from 20-50, and they all loved the books and movies. This series is a great love story, not just about first teen love.
    They not only left out the Alice Kidnapping, but really ruined the romantic sceen in his room when he asks her to marry him, (all of Chapter 20), which is the best and most moving section of the book. Instead they had a 3 minute bedroom sceen that wasn’t nearly as romantic as the book, and giving her the hand me down rock for her bracelot. He got very passionate in the book, only stopping to get her to marry him, and getting on one knee
    The book also had so much funny and sarcastic banter, and the funny comments from all of the characters. This book also showed Bella having some independence in her attitude, and speaking up and arguing with Edward.
    The books always have Edward humming Bella’s lullaby to help her sleep, but it hasn’t been heard since the first movie.
    And Bella would never ride off with Jacob on a bike and leave Edward standing there.And then he was standing there watching while she asked and kissed Jacob near the tent.Which wasn’t a very passionate kiss for as strong as her feeings were.
    Also if they had him carry her on his back in the first movie, why couldn’t they follow that in the book without having them drive places.
    Alice pleading to do their wedding instead of them going to Las Vegas.
    And one of my favorites in the book is Bella petting Jacob as a wolf and saying how she always wanted a dog.
    There were some very good parts of the movie. I liked Jasper finally having a personality, The cinematography was excellent, and the fight sceens rather gory like David wanted. Loved that they put the sex talk in,and the background of
    Rose. And Riley and Victoria were excellent.

    I just hope that Breaking Dawn will have the romance, agnst, frustration and comedy from the book. Maybe if Eclipse doesn’t make as much money, they will see where they went wrong. And it normally wound’t have been the directors fault, as he just goes by the script he is given.

  15. Shannon says:

    I thought i was really good but im a bit annoyed that they missed out the alice holding bella ‘Hostage’ sence and alice askeing bella if she can plan her wedding thoose were quite importamt parts i think .

  16. Pam says:

    Did anyone else notice at the end of the fight, that Edward was about to have his head torn off by Riley and Victoria, then Bella cuts her arm to save him. I have read the books many times, and he was never that close to being killed.

    • g says:

      yes i did also bella wasn’t at the clearing when jacob was attacked by a new born and he didn’t phase back in the book carlisle said that sam was tryin to get him to phase back so it would be easier to treat him as he was a doctor not a vet

  17. TeamBella&JacobSoEdIsLeftForMe XD says:

    Guys I personally LOVED the movie and thought it was better than the previous two BUT I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO agree with AAAAALLL the ”mistakes” you mentioned!!!! T???? LOVING GOD I’m not the only fan who’ve noticed that:
    1) Some of THE MOST IMPORTANT lines were missing!
    2) They showed too much action and VERY LITTLE love scenes/story!!!!!
    3) Unlike Edward/Robert who was ”love” in its flesh % bones-form, Bella/Kristen did not seem in love AT ALL! She was continuously aggresive and mad at POOR Edward!(yup Rosenberg DID IT AGAIN this time and made ME sympathasize with and pitty EDWARD! THE PERFECT, FLAWLESS V-A-M-P-I-R-E! Anyway!!)
    4) In the training scene how come Edward who F***ING READS MINDS lose from Carlisle, huh? At least THAT was kinda funny so…
    5) BUT as if that wasn’t enough they lowered Ed EVEN MORE in the Victoria-Riley-Seth-Edward battle scene were unlike the book in which Riley never gets away from Seth and Victoria never EVEN APPROACHES/TOUCHES Edward, in the movie Vic AND Riley ALMOST F***ING FINISHED Ed!!!! Where did Slade or/and Rosenberg get the idea that Bella DID cut herself and protected Ed??? She, indeed thought about it but she never HAD TO do it ’cause Ed KILLED Vic ON HIS OWN! *sighs*
    6) Last but not least: THE MOVIE EPILOGUE SCENE!….sucked! I’m literally starting to believe that they didn’t get the book meaning AT ALL! I expected that AT LEAST the last scene in the movie would FINALLY clear things to the viewers with that monologue of Bella’s, which apparently I found COMPLETELY FALSE! In the book eternity without Edward meant NOTHING to Bella! The whole ”i never felt normal now i know i belong to another world etc etc” was Bella’s conclusion AFTER becoming a f***ing VAMPIRE! But STILL, E-D-W-A-R-D was the ONLYONE she would give up her life for!
    I mean I would be WAY MORE satisfied if they showed a confused HUMAN-GIRL Bella who didn’t know with whom she was in love in -something that is actually the whole ”love triangle meaning” of the book- than this ”this wasn’t a choice between Ed and Jake but between who i am and who i should be” statement she said in her MOVIE MONOLOGUE! They showed a shelfish Bella who considered her relationship with the dog ONLY PLATONICAL and her relationship with the vamp-world MORE important than with Edward! I mean COME ON! Would normal Bella EVER answer ”i’m sorry, no” if Edward’s question was ”so this isn’t all about me” ? (these are official movie lines)
    APART from the above I LOVED the movie and I’m willing to watch it again and again till a) i’ve run out of money b) it’s not available in the movie theater ;););)

    • Anika says:

      i definetly agree with TeamBella&JacobSoEdIsLeftForMe XD i mean they really screwed up the last scene n completly TWISTED everythin bella said!

  18. Robfan says:

    I must agree with “M” She hit the nail on the head in her comment and I really hope the Breaking Dawn People are reading these! Please do the books not all this other crap! The books are what makes this franchise and the love story itself not Jacob Not Edward Not Bella singularly but the whole story! You didn’t do my fav book in the series any justice please do better with Breaking Dawn!

  19. TheTwilightSaga says:

    LUV IT!
    It was amazing.
    Im a little worried about Breakign Dawn though. As im not even 14 yet, Im scared that it will be rater R 16 or something. And if that does happen. I will go into deppression and throw tantrums and burn my house down. I would die.

  20. I agree with you. The movie is absolutely amazing.
    But I have to admit that I was really disappointed in the end and I have no idea why, the movie was great.
    And if we’re gonna talk about every part I’ll have to say that there were alot of epic scenes but in general.. The movie was disappointing to me. I’ll give it 7 out of 10. I wanted to give it a 10 and that’s why I’m upset.

    but I’m gonna talk about it anyway. but first of all I’m team jacob and I’m not an edward fan so if you’re going to hate on me please don’t read my review.

    My favorite scenes:
    1/ The garage scene. It’s pretty intense and has alot of hard emotions taylor lautner did an amazing job in it.
    2/ The talk of course. I mean who didn’t like that scene? Charlie is one of my best charecters. The whole movie was intense and serious but charlie could made the theatre smile in every scene he was in.
    3/ The tent scene. actually I liked the scenes when jacob and edward had. You could really tell those two men hate each other.
    4/ The jacob and bella kiss. I think it’s the best kiss in the whole series.
    5/ When the cullens were chasing victoria.

    I knew there will be some missing parts. but they did a good job, everyone understands the story at least.

    1/ TOO MUCH RILEY. For a second I thought he was the main charecter, not edward nor jacob.
    2/ I couldn’t feel the love traingle.
    3/ I wanted the book ending.

  21. Jo Ann Cabot says:

    Overall, I liked Eclipse very much, but a few things annoyed me.

    First, the movie was poorly lit. During the highly touted action scenes, I could barely make out what was happening. The same poor lighting was used to make the sexy bedroom scene seem racier, but the lighting was so bad I completely missed the famous “leg hitch” scene everyone is raving about! Nothing in the bedroom scene was so out of line that it needed dim lighting to get a PG rating. The tent scene wasn’t lit very well either. Many other scenes suffered from poor lighting as well.

    Second, the cuts from one scene to the next were awfully abrupt! I was still able to follow the story (which like most Twilight fans, I already knew anyway,) but for me the movie seemed rushed. Why not make the movie ten minutes longer and give us nice transitions between scenes?

    Third, the look of some characters improved, but Edward looked strange some of the time. (Other times, he looked absolutely beautiful!) Bella and Victoria’s wigs were pathetic! With a $68 million budget, they should have been able to afford decent hair for those two characters.

    In spite of those issues, I did like the movie.

    I heard so much ahead of time about how action packed this episode was, that I was relieved when I saw it that Eclipse is still a movie for Twilight fans.

    All the acting is better. Taylor Lautner was wonderful! I enjoyed the edgier protrayal of Jacob. Although many fans objected to Bella being less constantly adoring of Edward, I liked the more realistic vibe that gives their year old relationship. Kristen did an excellant job of making Bella older and more mature. I particuarily enjoyed Edward’s facial expressions of jealousy, anger, sadness, and love. Kudos to Robert Pattinson.

    I know they missed some things from the book, but I understand that Twilight fans like myself will never be completely satisfied unless every scene and every line is included, so I thought they did a good job of hitting the highlights.

    I have already seen the movie three times – I rarely ever pay to see a movie twice, let alone three times – so I must be a fan!

  22. Chasity says:

    Over all I thought that the movie was amazing. I just wish the fight scene was a little longer and the Cullens had a little more face time.

  23. Anika says:

    It was an AWESOME movie but there were some things that disappointed me like i thought that the jasper rosalie flashback n quilayute lengends and proposal scene n the tent scene should have been much longer. they shud have followed the book more and used more quotes from the book like the ‘go fetch a space heater’. they completly flipped some of the conversations n nothing happened at the right time. also they shud have ended with jacob runnin away even though im on team edward
    but it was a really good movie n it was much better than i expected:)
    TEAM EDWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Laura says:

    I really want to know if Stephenie Meyer plans to finish Midnight Sun? Please do not punish us for the leak of first chapters of draft. It was wonderful and would be something until Breaking Dawn comes out. Please reply if anyone knows anything about this.

  25. GermanGirl says:

    Well, I saw Eclipse yesterday for the first time (came out quite late over here) so bear with me, if some things are just due to a bad memory.

    All in all I was not completely disappointed, but not happy with it either. The whole film left a kind of unflavoured, shallow atmosphere.

    Especially in the beginning, the scenes did not seem to connect and they were too short to get into the atmosphere. All seemed to rush forward to the big battle scene.

    I also felt there was too much action. I know it is quite tempting to add it in for cinematographical reasons (feel the immediate danger) but: first, it gave to much away (which the book did not), second, it reduced the time left for elaborate scenes from the book, third, it changed the whole atmosphere to some action movie thing, which it simply is not. Those scenes were good, but as there were too much of them, they unbalanced the whole movie. It just didn’t feel like Eclipse but some (Teenie) action flick.

    To add to this point, the emotional side was somehow neglected. The book was quite steamy at some points and why couldn’t they convey that? Due to the young audience when there’s a head ripped off any other minute? Even the Bella-Jacob kiss should have had more passion. It seemed all so oddly deflavoured (for the lack of a better word).

    The proposal scene didn’t get me at all, it just seemed so rushed. It felt like the tent scene was much longer, but I actually could have done without the minutes of Jacob and Edward talk. (I know, a lot of you do not.)

    Bella appeared to be angry so often with Edward, so that it was somehow implausible that she would actually say yes to his proposal in the scene. Not to speak of her final words about why she would want to change. Yeah, it was a joke, but why not be a bit more serious? That’s what Meyer tried to convey in the books: this is not about raging hormones and Teenies, it’s about a great sacrifice for the once-in-a-lifetime-love. They really made it all seem shallow.

    The film was close to the book concerning the plot (most of the time) but not at all (in my humble opinion) concerning the atmosphere, the characters, the emotion that were conveyed. As already said, in several moments you thought: “Edward/Bella would never do that!” Jacob was portrayed better, though. But still: it never really touched me. No goosebumps, no clinging to the seat, no inner agitation for the rest of the night.

    My favourite of the films so far is the first one, it really captured me. I think it was time to hand the last one over to Catherine Hardwicke. I know they won’t, however. Just dreaming. I mean, remember the biology scene? The connection, the seizable tension? That’s what was missing, I think. Too much emphasis on two blokes fighting over one girl and too less on the fact that she’s tortured by not being able to chose. (As already mentioned, team Edward or team Jacob does not make sense, it’s Edward Bella loves all along, it’s simply in her character.)

    Some things I liked about the film, though:

    Rosalie’s speech
    She was so close to convincing me that Bella should stay human, more than Jacob ever did. Nikki did sooo well.

    Alice an Jasper
    I really liked, that they managed to sneak in more about them, they make such a lovely couple.

    Taylor Lautner
    Along with Nikki the most convincing actor in this one.

    Billy Burke
    He’s great, would love him as a dad!

    Special effects
    Really convincing, especially the pack!

    So far what I think. Might be able to judge it differently when the dvd comes out.

  26. Mariah says:

    Omg it was amazing i no i hate 2 say it but sadly new moon kinda sucked an im likea huge fan so it was really disapointing but eclipse was sooooo awsome i really think it’s the directors an its good that the director has done like horror movies an stuff. there was onlly a couple of things i didnt like 1 I like rachelle better than bryce i mean bryce was good but shes no rachelle. 2 i wish jasper an rosalie’s flash backs where longer 3 it shoulld be soooo screening 4 free that way i could watch it again and again and again and again and again (you get the picture)

  27. team alice girl says:

    i am so obssesssd!!!!!!!! even tho this was the best of the three out so far its still poor and if i didnt know absolutely everything about it i would not know wat was goin on!! and they missed out the best line!!! i cant to see what edward does to you, i hope he snaps your neck, you pushy, obnoxious, moronic DOG!! (bella) as u can tell im on team edward i luv him and wish i was bella!!!

  28. Stephanie-Ren says:

    I am so glad that Eclipse wasn’t as rushed as new moon. Twilight was the best movie ever and i dont think that the follow ons have been up to its standards. Dont get me wrong i love all three movies!

    I wish the movies followed the books more, they just to slip more by each film… and so annoyed about breaking dawn being in two parts – but thats just because I am impatient!

  29. jule says:

    oh im SOOO glad im not the only one with nagativre reviews of the movie…dont get me wrong…i have my dvd pre-ordered and im counting down the weeks til its MINE but i wasnt so oversly impressed….hopefully the writers and stephanie have read some of these so breaking dawn isnt ruined. apparently renesmee is going to be shown until she hits 17 – she has been cast check out imbd – and there’s gonna be more that was left out in the books…jacob before he comes back for the wedding, alice and jasper when they go to brazil, charlie while bella is transforming, edward and renesmee’s relationship……PLEASE SUMMIT DONT STUFF BREAKING DAWN UP…LISTEN TO US!! THE FANS!!! WE ADORE TWILIGHT AND OUR CHARACTERS AND WE KNOW IT BETER THEN YOU DO…IF WE SAY THE MOVIE NEEDS SOMETHING THEN FOR THE LOVE OF EDWARD ADD IT!!! cant wait!!! 🙂

  30. Rachel says:

    I am in LOVE with TWILIGHT. Edward Rocks!!!!!!!!!!

  31. kimberly says:

    I didn’t watch any of the movies until three months ago and now I’m so hooked, my husband is threatening to divorce me. Ha, Ha. (I think.) Anyway, Eclipse is definetly my favorite. I agree they left out alot of key parts but overall it was nicely done. My favorite scene is also the tent scene. I love how the Jacob and Edward come together there. They both love Bella enough to set aside their differences for her. And their conversation is very so honest. I do wish the arguement after Jacob kissed Bella would have been more true to the book but I guess it was Ok. And the same with the scene where Bella tries to confince Edward to have sex. The book version was definetly better. But it was still a touching scene. Something else they left out was the part after Bella finds out why Edward took her to Florida. In the book theres a part where they are in class passing a note and they end up talking about the plane crashing. Its so funny. I wish they would have included that. Just to add a little humor to the movie. Like I said, I’ve only been a twilight fan for three months, but I’m a serious one. I’ve memorized the entire first movie word for word and know a lot of the other two. I’ve read the books eight times each and have fallen in love with this love story. The books are my favorite because of the detail but the movies are great. I wish she would never stop writting about them though. But I hope Summit listens and keeps some of the little details in Breaking Dawn. They make all the difference to true Twilight fans.

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