The Ultimate Twilight Quiz

by on July 4, 2010
in Quiz

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IGN has up the Ultimate Twilight Quiz.

Take it here to see how you do.


44 Responses
  1. shaharEB says:


  2. TheCullensRock says:

    I just did it and I got 50 out of 50, I’m actually so suprised, I swear I thought I got some wrong, I rule!

  3. Annie/Dani says:

    40 of the 50 questions correctly
    Gotta read eclipse again

  4. Team Edward&&Emmett says:

    It said I got 53 out of 50 correct. Uhhh . . . . okay?

  5. jacobsgirl says:

    i got 33 out of 50 lol I really need to reread some stuff

  6. rose says:

    i got 37 out 0f 50, pretty good since i haven’t read the books and watched the movies in a long time. (:

  7. Raven says:

    i got 38 out of 50 🙁

  8. Maddy says:

    All these questions were either super easy or ridiculously hard. I got 45 out of 50. Finally, a Twilight quiz that is somewhat challenging!

    • Juliaaaa says:

      yeah, some questions were like “ummmm… what?!” like how would you know that!? haha

    • ~kxcullen~ says:

      i totally agree!!! i got the same score!!!! i think it’s a pretty good score the ones i got wrong i had to guess at coz they were pretty hard!!

  9. Colleen Cook says:

    42/50 Not too shabby 🙂

  10. Pam says:

    40 out of 50- missed the ones like bella’s parents divorce, which book sold the most.. ugh- great quiz

  11. Alice fan says:

    I got 32 out of 50 right. I guess I also need to go reread somethings.

  12. Juliaaaa says:

    i guessed on a bunch and got them right… but i also got some wrong. 37/50. mann, what kind of obsessed fan am i?! i’m kinda upset now! lol i gotta do some more reading.

  13. Cullenlover says:

    44 out if 50. Not to bad. Pretty good quiz. Very straight forward. Easy to read, and questions that most people shouldnt have a problem with.

  14. team jacob/taylor says:

    i got 35/50, not bad at least i pass

  15. Margaret and James Pack says:

    45 out of 50, but some of the questions, I think were alittle tricky…This was a great quiz…M & J

  16. diane says:

    I got 32 only :[ :((:))

  17. ms.cullen says:

    ya i know what u mean i got 38/50 and i was like what … i need to read the books again.

  18. Amelia (switz) says:


  19. Marina says:

    35/50…hmm…not so good lol

  20. Arianna says:

    i was very long that’s for sure, but it wasn’t hard

  21. ~kxcullen~ says:

    it was a good quizz one of the best i’ve done some of the questions where pretty tricky- i made an estimated guess on the divorce one
    bella’s 17 in twilight>twilight was written in 2005>she was 1 when her parents split>2005- 16 = 1989!!!
    i also guessed at the which cullen member has never owned a red car! i think i got it right…

  22. vanessa says:

    33 out of 50 🙁 darn it!

  23. Mrs.Robert Pattinson/Edward Cullen says:

    50/50 A+…Im sooo proud of myself…I think Imma go read the series again 😉

  24. hannah says:

    45 out of 50! Which seems right because I think there were about 5 that I had to guess on! This was a good quiz!

  25. Lilly says:

    38 out of 50 … still have some learning to go methinks 😉

  26. jacobs girl says:

    49 over 50! so mad! coulda gotten it. lol no im proud. 6 times reading the series pays off! yeah some questions were likw what?!? really? but a really good quiz

  27. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen ^,..,^ says:

    I got 45\50
    but it’s not fair…
    I didn;t understand some of the stuff…
    I’m from Israel and my English isn’t perfect…

  28. Isabella Marie Swan Cullen ^,..,^ says:

    ohhh btw, I read the saga only once
    I REALLY need to reread it
    (I’m rereading it now in English so it’s a bit harder for me…)

  29. Azucena says:

    My best friend who swears shes a bigger fan than me cause shes Team Edward got 19/50 . HA ! I got 37/50 :p

  30. shannon says:

    On the celebrity gossip site, they’re running a poll to see who the hottest vampire is… Rob is losing!!!!!!!! go vote for him!

  31. Joana says:

    nice quizz indeed.
    I got 46/50 =)
    not bad I think

  32. Jeini Reese says:

    45 right!

  33. Jennie says:

    hi edward do like harry potter
    love Jennie

  34. cool i got 50 out of 50

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