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by on July 14, 2010
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Charlie and Bella Talk

Victoria & Riley Make Plans

Fight Training

Thanks CiNDiELeE!


39 Responses
  1. Fanpire_18 says:

    Ahhh the Charlie and Bella talk never gets old 😛

  2. Marlous says:

    Love ‘the talk’… LOVE it!!! It’s too funny 🙂

    • Ylena says:

      Love the talk too! Everytime I watch it I cant help lmfao because u can see how embarrassed Bella is and how awkward Charlie is about it. I loved the way Billy and Kristen played it out. I wonder though I this was how it was originally written in the script. I love th fight scEne too especially the part where Edward goes done and jasper is like never turn ur back on ur enemy.

  3. LuCy says:

    love the talk

  4. Patty says:

    LMFAO!!!! The talk is epic, no matter how many times I watch it 😀

  5. Ashley says:

    haha the talk

  6. ali says:

    cats eat people

  7. olivia says:

    love the first one cant stop laughing

  8. Georige says:

    Love it! Can’t wait to see it!!!

  9. Twilight1226 says:

    I love the Bella/Charlie scene and the fight training. Bella and Charlie are hilarious.

  10. NayNay918 says:

    LMAO!!! i luv it wen Charlie nd Bella have tha talk i waz laughin soo hard at tha movies. Nd i like tha fight training scene 2

  11. rose says:

    is it just me, or does the camera men in Eclipse really suck??

  12. Kacci says:

    I wish they would’ve extended the clip of the fight training, because i love the part with Alice and Jasper! (:

  13. jasperluvr1 says:

    Love the first and last scenes.I loveeee Jasper.His last line in the clip makes me laugh.and he gives carlisle and edward like idiot.

  14. Emmett_luva says:

    Love the fight scene song! Bella and Charlie! hahaha

  15. TeamRiley9 says:

    loooovveee the charlie and bella talking scene!!!! its sooooo funny!!!! and i adour the fighting scene <3

  16. shaharEB says:

    bellas thumbs-up was sooo kristens idea = ]
    the sex talk was really ! funny =]

  17. Marlena says:

    Love the talk lol! It will never get old!

  18. Team Alice & Jasper says:

    everybody has to love the talk!!! 😛 Jaspers funny when he distracts Edward!!!! 😀

  19. Kelly says:

    I love the talk. The fight training was awesome too. I love Alice and Jazz in it. 🙂

  20. Aamerah says:


  21. Essie Lissette says:

    i love all scenes in the movie…i watch the movie like 10 times in theaters cant get enough of twilight…but the talk scene between bella and charlie is awesome and funny…i also love the training scene…i love love love the part with alice and jasper they are sooo cute…my friends keep asking me what was my favorite scene and i keep telling them the whole movie…lmao…but if i had to choose i would pick the tent scene when jacob said ‘lets face it im hotter than you’. i love jacob but i will always be on Team Edward =)

  22. Hannah says:

    ha ha “the talk”!!
    hope my dad NEVER gives me a talk on that,
    luv ya jacob but am sooooo team edward. :X

  23. Chelsealynn says:


  24. Jazmin says:

    haha very funny clip!!!

  25. Morgan says:

    love it, laugh hard no matter how many times i watch it 😀

  26. MEEEEEEEE says:

    the charlie and bella talk is such a lil part of the movie but such a great, funny moment between bella and charlie!!! charlie is a superr cool dad!

  27. lurdes says:

    i love the talk it so funny what they are talking about

  28. Giselys says:

    This is so funny, I laugh a lot! Team Jacob!

  29. Maira says:


  30. twigirl says:

    LOL! This is my fav scene between Charlie and Bella! I love how Charlie reacted when bella said she’s a virgin! xD

  31. Mizz Cullen says:

    Love the talk funny and edward fighting yum

  32. Mrs. Cullen says:

    duh-duh-duh-di-duh…i love that part when billy does that but i hate that Esme didnt have a scene with the fight training!

  33. team_switzerland4eva says:

    wow the fight scene is soo funny lol=)

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