Buy Booboo Stewart Merchandise

by on July 26, 2010
in Cast & Characters

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Visit the Everything Booboo site to buy shirts, buttons, pictures and more.
You can even get them autographed.

Check it out here.

Thanks CiNDiELeE!


3 Responses
  1. shelby says:

    OMG!!!!!! Booboo u r soooooo hot!!!! I would love to go on a date with u!!

  2. thaly says:

    OMGGGGG!!!!!booboo is soo cute and adorable looking …i think hes gunna be the next Jacob….

  3. Courtney says:

    WOWWW!!! I agree with shelby… and Thaly I agree. He is sexy, and he looks like he would be a great boyfriend. I want em! he should like hit me up! ?

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