Happy Holidays

by on December 25, 2010
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We hope everyone has a happy holiday and a merry Christmas. May all your Twilight wishes come true.

Get more Twilight Christmas graphics with Edward, Jacob, and Bella.


3 Responses
  1. Alyssa Joy says:

    Merry Christmas to everyone! Hope you have a fun holiday! Can’t wait to open my gifts. Happy Holidays!

  2. TheNew_Eclipse says:

    omg, i got eclipse on DVD 4 x-mas! i’m guna watch it 4eva! ily eclipse!

  3. Laura says:

    MeRrYcHRiSTaS 2 eVeRy OnE!!! HoPiNg u GuYs HaVe A bEaUiFuL dAy!!!

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