MTV Movie Awards Post – UPDATED

by on June 5, 2011
in Cast & Characters, Eclipse Movie, Videos

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See pics of all the Twilight Cast at the awards at MTV.

Twilight won in the following categories:

Best Movie – Eclipse
Best Female Performance – Kristen Stewart
Best Kiss – Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Best Fight – Robert Pattinson vs. Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel
Best Male Performance – Robert Pattinson

Video Below – Robert and Kristen win Best Kiss
This video is hilarious!!!

Movie News

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Robert Pattinson Interview

Kristen Stewart wins best Female Performance

Robert Pattinson wins Best Male Performance

Awesome Opening scene for the Movie Awards featuring Taylor Lautner (Warning is some language and some sexual innuendos)

Twilight Stars Talks about “The Kiss”

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Twilight wins Best Fight

Eclipse wins Best Movie

RPattz Honors Reese Witherspoon in his own way

Bryce Dallas Howard and Xavier Samuel react to winning Best Fight

Breaking Dawn Trailer reaction Kaleb Nation

Fan Reactions to the ‘Breaking Dawn’ Trailer

Next Movie has an article with videos of fans reactions to the trailer.
Check out the videos here.


9 Responses
  1. katana08 says:

    Robert was all over the place tonight! I’ll have whatever he was on!

  2. Caitlin says:

    Kristen looks amazing. The dress is so ‘her’. If you know what I mean!!!!!!! Xxx

  3. Beke says:

    Love Kristen’s dress!!, funny how fashion goes full circle, I did this look in the 80’s !

  4. pampam44 says:

    so awesome!!!!! and funny! lol but what did robert said at the end i wanna take u…..what? i couldnt hear

  5. nessie bella says:

    I love Taylor, the opening sketch was the best thing!!!!!

  6. lmfao!!! “c’mon i wanna take you backstage” XD <3 luv it!! i luv Rob, he's awesome!

  7. clearwater says:

    i love it!!! and rob, he’s the best!!!

  8. SakomaChan says:

    I love Rob&tayler they r so hot togather
    and thanksssssssssss for the kissed guys
    am so glad i live untel that dayes comes
    ?_? am so happy….!

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