Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse Posters – Clearance Sale

by on December 27, 2011
in Merchandise, Posters

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AllPosters has quite a few Twilight posters on clearance. There are posters from Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse as low as $0.98. The posters include images of Edward, Jacob, Bella, the Wolf Pack, and the Volturi. Check out all the sale items here.

Thanks goes to Kelly for letting us know about this sale!


3 Responses
  1. twilightforevax says:

    has anyone seen any breaking dawn posters. there are like none in the UK, its so annoying

    • Leandra says:

      There were not as many Breaking Dawn posters compared to New Moon and Eclipse. The Allposters UK site should have the same posters available as the US site.

  2. Hale Ransom says:

    My sister bought 10 of them 🙂

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