Breaking Dawn DVD & Blu-ray – February 11th

by on January 4, 2012
in Collectibles, DVD, Merchandise

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Breaking Dawn Part 1 will be released on February 11th. There are multiple version available including some limited editions. There are tons of bonus features including music videos, behind the scene footage, documentaries, and more. Check out our Breaking Dawn DVD & Blu-ray Guide for all the details.

You can pre-order it from Amazon here.


6 Responses
  1. crystal says:

    i love the movie
    can’t wait to see breaking dawn part 2.

  2. nessie bella mellark says:

    OMG!!! Taylor Lautner’s Birthday!!!!! Can’t wait 4 part 2!!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    OMG yay!!! finally! I’ve been waiting for this since Breaking Dawn hit theatres..ha i know what i want for my bday ;D

  4. Tina says:

    Do you know if there will be any blu-ray/dvd combo packs? all the pictures in the guide seem to be one or the other.

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