BTS Images of Kristen Stewart for the Movie Snow White and the Huntsman

by on May 3, 2012
in Cast & Characters, Movie

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Head on over to The Vampire Club to see a bunch more BTS pics from the movie Snow White and the Huntsman.

I posted the ones featuring just Kristen above looking awesome as Snow White. There are some other great ones of her with other members of the cast also. Chris Hemsworth and Charlize Theron also look amazing in the pics. I think this movie is gonna be really good. I love the twist they are pulling on the classic story!


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  1. jule says:

    Lets start by saying im a HUGE twihard and i love the books more then is socially acceptable. I LOVE the movies and have gone to see them opening night except for Twilight. Lets be honest, the movies arent the best…..they’re B grade at best I think. Rob and Kristen have come under critism about their acting but I think thats a mistake. When you see other movies that they’re in – like snow white for example – their acting looks amazing so you know its the directing and producing thats letting the movies down. My fav’s are twilight and BD part 1 but there are some really cheesy moments in that that should have been picked up. I was watching BD the other day with my aunty and SHE picked up that the vamps dont sparkle in the sun in this movie……..cant wait to see BD2 though!!! WOO

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