A Ton of TV Spots for the Movie Snow White and the Huntsman Starring Kristen Stewart

by on May 24, 2012
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TV Spot: “Florence M”

TV Spot: “Bound/Florence”

The Snow White and the Huntsman YouTube page has posted 8, that’s right 8, TV spots for the movie. They are all pretty similar, but are all quite enjoyable to watch.
I really, really really, think this movie is going to be spectacular.
Anyone else as excited as me about this movie?

Click the READ MORE button below to see 6 more TV Spots.

TV Spot: “Fairest/Enchanted”

TV Spot: “Dare/One”



TV Spot: “Dare”

TV Spot: “Immortality/Alt F”


One Response
  1. For Realz says:

    Jeez why don’t they just put the movie out on DVD, they basically give the whole movie in clips now, I know what’s going to happen………

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