Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser Interview with NBC

NBC has an interview with Peter Facinelli, Nikki Reed and Elizabeth Reaser from this years Comic Con.

Check it all out here.
Below is an excerpt:

So this is the beginning of this farewell tour.

Peter Facinelli: I like that: ‘The farewell tour.’

Are you feeling it? Is it more like a little bit of a celebration? Or is every time you’re thinking ‘This is the last Comic-Con.’ Or, ‘This is the last…fill in the blank.’

Facinelli: Well, there’s moments where we feel like – we were talking before that everyone up on stage in Hall H today was the last time you’ll see the whole cast in one room together. Because even when we do press it’s always split up, and it’s kind of nice to have everybody on one stage. So there are moments like that that you think back and you’re like, ‘Oh’ and you get nostalgic like that’s a special thing. I’ll never have that again. You get kind of…it’s melancholy! But at the same time it’s kind of like cool like that.

Elizabeth Reaser: Yeah. I think it was so long ago when we wrapped. But we still had so far to go.

Facinelli: But it’s getting further and further. I think December it’ll be like–

Reaser: Well, then it’ll REALLY be, like, over. Done forever, yeah.

Facinelli: Until the ‘Twilight’ musical on Broadway. [Laughter]

Reed: Which Peter’s starring in, by the way.

Facinelli: ‘Twilight After Dark: Turn Out the Lights.’

Reed: Oh God!

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