Poster for the UK’s The Complete Twilight Saga Screenings

by on September 13, 2012
in Breaking Dawn Movie, News

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Isn’t this poster fantastic!
It’s for promoting the UK’s The Complete Twilight Saga Screenings.
Head on over to facebook to get more information for the UK screenings.
I just really love this poster!
What do you think?

Source: Twifans via The Twilight Saga: Official UK Page


3 Responses
  1. jule says:

    !!!!!!!!!!!! Why rnt they doing this is Australia!!!!! oh well, i’ll have one at home before i go to the midnight screening!!!!

  2. jule says:

    i get chills just looking at this poster!!!!

  3. GayathriJeyechandran says:

    Its so beautiful,you know.I am a great fan of it.I like it so much.thank-you so much for this poster. I think I’ll have this as my computer wallpaper.

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