Kellan Lutz Interview

by on September 23, 2012
in Cast & Characters, Interviews has an interview with Kellan Lutz.
In he interview he talks about Twilight and his newest project, Tarzan.

Check it all out here.
Below is an excerpt:

While Lutz loves the technology-infused style of acting, he didn’t audition for Tarzan knowing he’d end up in a one-piece, swinging from vines that would only be created after the fact. “When I auditioned, I wore my Conan wig, because I was testing for Conan the Narbarian at the time,” says Lutz. “So I had this wig that I made for that so I wore that and then I walked into the audition in my underwear.” (Remember his 2010 Calvin Klein X underwear campaign?) Only after his audition was he told the film would be animated. Unfortunately, his beefed up physical presence — what you might expect from a Tarzan — wouldn’t work. “They’re like, ‘No can you actually slim down so you can fit in the suit,’”Lutz explained.

Source: Team Twilight via Kellan Lutz Online

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