15 New High-Res Breaking Dawn 2 Stills

by on October 2, 2012
in Breaking Dawn Movie

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Summit just sent us 15 new high-res Breaking Dawn 2 stills. Some are what we have seen appear in recent magazines, but some are brand new!
Which pic is your fav?
I’m digging the Esme one:)


3 Responses
  1. Alyssa Joy Buenavente says:

    Yes. More Breaking dawn part 2 stills. I like the ones with Jacob in it.

  2. Cullenfreak says:

    Love these! I am getting more excited by the day. Keep um coming Summit!

  3. jule says:

    my fav is the one of bella and charlie hugging….im so glad his part wont be left out of the movie….
    b&e cottage looks good too 🙂 cant wait!!

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