Stephenie Meyer Talks The Host and More With Vulture

by on April 2, 2013
in Interviews, Stephenie Meyer

Vulture chatted with Stephenie Meyer about The Host, body image, her James McAvoy fantasy and more.

Check it all out here.
Below is an excerpt:

Do you have an eye obsession? In both Twilight and The Host, your characters end up with glowy eyes.

I don’t know! It seems to come out a lot, right? I don’t consciously do that, so I must really be into eyes. My brother’s an optometrist, so I pick up on that. But by the time they had to wear the really awful contacts, everybody’s miserable, and it’s my fault. Although, in this, in The Host, it’s not quite my fault. In the book, it’s not as obvious, which would make it easier for the aliens to invade. It’s only when you shine a light at them that you get an odd reflection, and you wouldn’t know otherwise. But Andrew [Niccol, the director] wanted something very pronounced, so it’s his fault. And it was hard, with the dust storms in the desert. We had lens techs out there constantly putting drops in their eyes, and it slows production down. We did that with Twilight, so many years of contacts and pain, crying and anguish. You think you would learn!

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