Five Twilight Movie Shorts are Coming to Facebook!!!

by on October 5, 2014
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1Yes my Twihards you read that headline right! We are gonna be getting some more Twilight!!

Lionsgate announced it is teaming up with Facebook, the prestigious Women In Film organization, Tongal and Stephenie Meyer on a campaign called “The Storytellers – New Creative Voices of The Twilight Saga”. The campaign will be a contest ending in the selection of five aspiring female filmmakers to direct short films based on characters from the “Twilight” universe. The directors will receive guidance on characters for the shorts from “The Twilight Saga: Official Illustrated Guide.”

Read more about the project at Coming Soon.
Which characters would you like to see stories on? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. denise says:

    I’m hoping that one of the storys will be about Bella and Jacob ending up together.

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