Character Picks for the New Twilight Movie Shorts Announced

by on November 26, 2014
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The Character Voting stage is over and the top 10 Characters have been announced for the new female fan written short films that are to be made. Check out the winners below. Now is time to submit the screenplay outlines. Get all the details at Tongal. Are there any characters that weren’t chosen you would of liked to seen? Any of the characters that did get chosen you are excited to see?

Alice Cullen
The Cullen Coven

Carlisle Cullen
The Cullen Coven

Esme Cullen
The Cullen Coven

Emmett Cullen
The Cullen Coven

The Volturi Coven

The Egyptian Coven

The Denali Coven

The Volturi Coven

James’s Coven

Vampire Hybrid


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