Article on Stephenie at New York Daily News

There’s an article on Stephenie Meyer at New York Daily News. It says she still has no plans to finish “Midnight Sun”.

The article also had this to say about what Stephenie is working on now:

“But Meyer fanatics can anticipate an upcoming novel. “Stephenie is working on something else at the moment,” the flack reveals. “But she hasn’t announced it yet. It isn’t ‘Twilight’-related. When she’s ready to reveal it, she will. This has been an intense three years for her, and currently she’s just focusing on being a writer.”

Read the article here.

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Book recommendation by Stephenie

Stephenie Meyer has updated her website with another book recommendation. It is “The Girl Who Could Fly” by Victoria Forester.

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Fangoria article on “Twilight” DVD and Robert Book

Fangoria has an article about details of the “Twilight” DVD.

They also discuss a new book about Robert Pattinson. It’s called “THE ROBERT PATTINSON ALBUM”. The biography will be released March 1st by Plexus.

Read the article here.
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USA Today has an article on werewolves in 2009

by on January 23, 2009
in Books, Movie

An article at USA Today talks about how werewolves, not vampires, are back in 2009. “New Moon” is mentioned in the list of movies. They also mention books featuring werewolves. Read the article here.

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Reelz Channel “New Moon” quiz

by on January 18, 2009
in Books

Reelz Channel has a “New Moon” quiz up. Go here to take the quiz.
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Stephenie is on top at USA Today year end list

Stephenie Meyer was on the top of USA Today’s year end list. According to the article she had the following records for 2008:

• Meyer and her Twilight books claim the top four slots on our year-end list, the first author to do so. In 2000, Rowling’s Harry Potter books had Nos. 1, 2, 3 and 5. Who Moved My Cheese was No. 4 that year.

• Meyer’s books, including the adult novel The Host, accounted for 12.5% of all sales tracked by our list — that’s higher than the record 11.3% logged by Rowling in 2000.

• Meyer’s books spent 19 weeks at No. 1. That matches Rowling’s 19 weeks at No. 1 in 2000. (Breaking Dawn had four weeks, Aug. 7-28. Twilight accounted for the other 15 weeks: July 10; July 24-31; Sept. 4-18; Oct. 23-Dec. 4; and Dec. 24-31.)

Read the complete article here.

Another article at USA Today talks about Stephenie’s success and book sells in 2008. You can read that article here.
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Top 10 Jacob/Rosalie moments in Breaking Dawn

Blast Magazine has an article on the top 10 Jacob/Rosalie moments in Breaking Dawn. I personally loved the verbal back and forth of these two characters in the book. They had the funniest and best lines I think. You can read all ten of the best lines from the book in the article here.

I got the list from from an article they found and liked it so I thought I would share it. Thanks to for finding this.

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Kansas City Newspaper has article on “Twilight”

The Kansas City Newspaper has an article on five facts about the series. Read it here.
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“Twilight” included in list of things to remember in 2008 has a list of 5 things to remember and 5 things to forget in entertainment and culture in 2008. “Twilight” made the list of 5 things to remember. Read the article here.
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“Breaking Dawn” included in list of Spiritual Young Adult Novels of 2008

by on January 2, 2009
in Books

Beliefnet has included “Breaking Dawn” in it’s list of the Top 5 Spiritual Young Adult Novels of 2008. Go here to read the article.
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