Stephenie Meyer puts “Midnight Sun” book on hold ‘indefinitely’

After an unfinished partial draft of her book “Midnight Sun”, the “Twilight” story told in Edwards perspective, was leeked on the internet Stephenie has decided to put the work on hold indefinitely. MTV and the Los Angeles Times both have articles on the story.

On her official website Stephenie has posted a note on the incident and her feelings about the situation. She has also decided to make her draft of “Midnight Sun” available for her fans to read on her site. To read Stephenie’s note and the “Midnight Sun” draft go to the official website of Stephenie Meyer.
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New Twilight book “Midnight Sun”

Stephenie Meyer is now working on a new book for the Twighlight series. It is called Midnght Sun and is a retelling of the Twilight book through vampire Edward’s eyes. Stephenie has the first chapter of Midnight Sun up on her site for everyone to read.
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Twilight Saga Official Guide

Coming out December 30th is the Twilight Saga Official Guide. It’s 256 pages of information for true Twilight fans. The handbook covers Twilight, New Moon, Breaking Dawn, and Eclipse. Learn everything you wanted to know about Bella, Edward, and the Twilight universe.

Twilight books signed by Stephenie Meyer

With the popularity of the Twilight series on the rise, quite a few autographed items are now available. The selection of books signed by Stephenie Meyer changes but I have seen Twilight, Breaking Dawn, New Moon, and Eclipse available.

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