Xavier Samuel Talks About His New Movie “Drift”

Xavier Samuel chats to Hollywood Treatment about his new upcoming film Drift.

Kellan Lutz on Sesame Street

Kellan Lutz shows Cookie Monster different things that vibrate.

Anna Kendrick Part of Celebrity Catfish Skit At The 2013 MTV Movie Awards

Anna Kendrick took part on the Celebrity Catfish skit at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards and it was pretty great!
Check it out in the video above via MTV.

Taylor Lautner Wins Best Shirtless Performance At the MTV Movie Awards

Taylor Lautner won best shirtless performance for Breaking Dawn 2 at the MTV Movie Awards this year.
When he accepted his speech he was hilarious! (You can watch the video below).
There is also an interview below with Taylor and MTV.


Kellan Lutz Goes Shirtless for Op Campaign

Kellan Lutz goes Shirtless for Op’s newest Campaign.
Head on over to E! Online for another sexy pic and more about the campaign.

Kellan Lutz on Good Morning Texas

Kellan Lutz was on Good Morning Texas to talk his new movie Java Heat.

Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart!!!

Happy Birthday Kristen Stewart!

Outtakes of Robert Pattinson From the Blackbook Photoshoot

Robert Pattinson Life posted some outtakes of Robert Pattinson from his Bloackbook photoshoot.

Marlane Barnes Talks Breaking Dawn 2

The Celebrity Cafe has an interview with Marlane Barnes to talk about Breaking Dawn 2. She played Maggie in the movie.

Check it all out here.
Below is an excerpt:

TheCelebrityCafe: What was it like working on the Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II film?

Marlane Barnes: It’s really exciting to work on a film of that size. It was actually one of my first gigs when I moved out to Los Angeles, so I was really trying to take it all in and just experience it all at one time. I think, you know looking back, one of my fonder memories was just the camaraderie that happened in the hotel where we were all staying. I feel like, you know, there was this common area on the ground floor, and if you ever felt lonely, or didn’t have something to do, or weren’t working that day, you could go down there. There was usually always somebody getting a drink, or reading or something. You could hang out or go to a movie or something like that. So, it was a really interesting experience in that way, and I think it’s really unusual. It’s probably not something that I will be doing again, at least not for really a long time.

Jodelle Ferland Photoshoot

Head on over to Jodelle-Ferland.net for a bunch of pics of Jodelle Ferland taken by Shane Oosterhoff.