Deleted New Moon Scene

The got a deleted New Moon Scene from the DVD to share.


Twilight Cast At DVD Release Parties





The official Twilight Twitter is announcing that some cast members will be attending midnight release parties for the New Moon DVD. They are posting some of the information now. They have announced that Edi Gathegi and Peter Facinelli will be attending and in what cities so far.

I will add to this post as they post.

Follow them here.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at New Moon DVD from Entertainment Tonight

New Moon DVD Behind-the-scenes Clips

MTV has an article and video with featurettes that will appear as part of the behind-the-scenes extras on the New Moon DVD.

Check out the article here.

This DVD is just full of great extras!!!

Access Hollywood Videos – Behind the Scenes New Moon DVD

Sneak Peak: Taylor Lautner Is Flying High In “New Moon”

First Look: Behind The Scenes – “New Moon”

Sneak Peak: Designing “New Moon”

Thanks Rachel!!

New Moon Midnight DVD Release Party TV Spot

Source: Twilight Source

Jacob TV Spot for New Moon DVD

Source: Twilighters Anonymous

Edward TV Spot for New Moon DVD

Source: His Golden Eyes

Love Triangle TV Spot for New Moon DVD

Source: Twilight Lexicon

Eclipse Movie Sneak Peek from New Moon DVD

I believe this is from the Walmart DVD Edition.

Thanks to everyone who emailed me the link!!!!

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