Shot by Shot analysis of MTV Movie Awards Scene

MTV has a shot by shot analysis of the Eclipse scene shown at the MTV Movie Awards.

Check out the article here.

They also have 40 screen shots from the clip here for you to check out.

Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black!

New Eclipse Stills

Summit sent out new Eclipse stills this afternoon. Twenty awesome images that everyone needs to see. To view them all and to share check out our Eclipse pictures.

MTV Movie Awards Eclipse Clip

Watch the 2010 MTV Movie Awards at!

Eclipse Posters

Gem found these on Twifans.

They are available on Allposters.
For UK & EU fans the posters are available at

Nice Posters!!!!

I really like the one of Taylor by himself with the clouds in the background, Very hot!!!

10-second teaser of the Eclipse clip to be shown at MTV Movie Awards

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Fan Made Eclipse Poster

Alyssa found this on Deviant Art and I love it!!!!!!
(Yeah I’m bias cause it is wolf centric!!!)
The artist name is ~StrawberryCake01.
Check out all their work here.
She has a lot of great stuff!!!

New Eclipse Trailer from MSN

MSN has a new Eclipse Trailer too.
Check it out in HD here!!!!

Riley Eclipse TV Trailer

Fandango has an Eclipse TV Spot Called Missing featuring Riley. I thought it was a pretty exciting trailer. Check it out here.

For some reason the Cullens look like plastic to me in this scene. Like dolls or action figures. (Jamey wrote this not Leandra LOL!!!)

New Still of Bree

Found this on Twifans.
New Eclipse Still of Bree!!!

Eclipse Countdowns – New and Customizable

We have added new Eclipse customizable countdowns. You can change the date to any country’s Eclipse release. Now U.S. and international fans can count down to their big day even if it’s not June 30th. There are new graphics of Edward, Bella, Jacob, the Cullens, wolf pack, and Volturi. You can also add a your own message to the countdowns. Check them all out and make your own here.

A sample countdown with the UK release date.

A sample countdown with the US release date.

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