The Top 5 Extras we want from the Eclipse DVD and Blu-ray

FearNet has an article titled The Top 5 Extras We REALLY Want From the ‘Twilight: Eclipse’ Blu-ray..

Check out everything they list here.

Here is an excerpt:

The Gore We Were Promised, Kinda

Eclipse director David Slade, who made all sorts of delicious red stuff spill in the snow in his other vampire flick 30 Days of Night, kept things pretty PG-13 for the Twilight crowd. But back in June, he told us that at least one of his vampire battle decapitation shots was too hot for the MPAA’s sensibilities. (“We had this one part in the battle where Emmett just tears someone’s face off,” he said. “The face kind of breaks off into pieces of crystal that shatter.”)

Will we get to see extended, unused footage of Emmett ripping some vampire faces off on Blu-ray, even if they shatter bloodlessly like pieces of marble? Let’s hope.

Source: Twilight Lexicon
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Eclipse DVD UK Promotion poster

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Eclipse DVD Release Information and More

This was sent to us from Summitt:

hits shelves December 4, 2010! Not only will you be able to own the movie nationwide that day, but you can also get every available special feature (including audio commentaries w/ Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, and Stephenie Meyer) in one place when you buy the 2-Disc National DVD or the Blu-ray/DVD Combo!

Please find a detailed list of special features, and a download link for hi-res ECLIPSE DVD/Blu-Ray Artwork below:


2-Disc Special Edition DVD
– Audio Commentary w/ Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart
– Audio Commentary w/ Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey
– Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes
– Six-Part Making of Documentary (90 minutes)
– Photo Gallery
– Jump To… Edward
– Jump To… Jacob
– Music Videos (Metric, Muse)

Special Edition Blu-Ray/DVD Combo
– Audio Commentary w/ Rob Pattinson & Kristen Stewart (both DVD & Blu-Ray sides)
– Audio Commentary w/ Stephenie Meyer & Wyck Godfrey (both DVD & Blu-Ray sides)
– Eight Deleted & Extended Scenes (Blu-Ray side only)
– Six-Part Making of Documentary (standard and PIP mode, both on Blu-Ray side only)
– Photo Gallery (Blu-Ray side only)
– Jump To… Edward (Blu-Ray side only)
– Jump To… Jacob (Blu-Ray side only)
– Jump To… The Love Triangle (Blu-Ray side only)
– Jump To… The Cullens (Blu-Ray side only)
– Jump To… The Wolfpack (Blu-Ray side only)
– Jump To… The Humans (Blu-Ray side only)
– Jump To… Victoria’s Army (Blu-Ray side only)
– Jump To… Action Sequences (Blu-Ray side only)
– Music Videos (Blu-Ray side only)

Single Disc DVD

Standard Blu-Ray

In addition to the news about the ECLIPSE DVD/Blu-Ray release, we have two more EXCITING announcements to make, both hitting shelves on 12/4/2010!


This unprecedented release features a collection of music videos and live performances from bands featured on the Billboard Chart topping soundtracks from The Twilight Saga: Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. Connect with the artists as they perform the songs that channel the emotions of Twilight fans through music. Enjoy original music videos and never-been-seen live performances all on one release.


Over 250,000 fans have made the pilgrimage to Forks to breathe in the reality that inspired Stephenie Meyer’s epic saga – have you?

Destination Forks is a must-have for any Twilight Saga fan. Divided into three segments: Twilight Tour, Moods of Twilight, and Twihards, each segment is a unique journey that takes you deeper into the real world Twilight universe.

• In Twilight Tour cruise through the actual streets of Forks, Washington stopping at the real sites, homes, and businesses as highlighted in the Saga.
• In Moods of Twilight take a virtual walk through the mystical woods, mountains, rivers, and other gorgeous locations of Forks & La Push.
• In Twihards travel around the globe and meet the real life people that make up the greatest fan community in the world.

Eclipse DVD Release Date?

CiNDiELeE sent me a link to an article at Video ETA talking about the Eclipse DVD Release Date.

According to the article the Eclipse DVD and Blu-ray will be available on December 4, 2010.

No official word from Summit yet.

Check out the article at Video ETA for more info.

As soon as I have more information I’ll let you know.

Thanks for the heads up CiNDiELeE!

Celebrate Bella’s Birthday By Watching Eclipse Friday in Theaters

Eclipse will be re-released in theaters nationwide this Friday to celebrate Bella’s Birthday!!!
Will you be going?

Via Facebook

Fan Made Eclipse DVD

Just wanted to share with you all something my girl Becky did.

She catalogued all the clips, trailers, TV spots and featurettes from Eclipse and put them onto disc. Then she made some sweet covers for the disc and case!!!!

I think it is an awesome idea and it looks great!!!

Great job Becky!!!!

If you have a Twifans account you can find Becky here.

5 things to look forward to from the Eclipse Dvd from The Twilight Examiner

The Twilight Examiner has up a list of 5 things we can look forward to with the Eclipse DVD.

Check out everything she list here.

Here is an excerpt:

1. DVD release parties: When Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon were released to DVD/Blu-Ray, Borders, Blockbuster, Walmart, and others threw midnight DVD release parties across the country, and several of the parties included guest appearances by the cast and filmmakers. With The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, no doubt, there’ll be similar festivities arranged to ring in the occasion! It should be interesting to see who makes a stop where this time around.

How many of you have gone to other release parties?
Planning on going to an Eclipse one too?

Thanks Alice!

Eclipse Nominated for Spike Scream Awards

Spike has announced the nominees for the 2010 Scream Awards.

Eclipse is included in the following categories:

The Ultimate Scream
Best Fantasy Movie
Best Fantasy Actress – Kristen Stewart
Best Fantasy Actor – Taylor Lautner and Robert Pattinson
Breakout Performance Male – Xavier Samuel

Go here to vote in all the categories.

Click the Read More button below for the complete press release.

Read more..

Interview with Eclipse Wardrobe Stylist – Tish Monaghan

Self has an interview with Eclipse Wardrobe Stylist Tish Monaghan.

Check it all out here.

Here is an excerpt:

SELF: How is Bella’s look in Eclipse different from in New Moon?
Tish Monaghan:
Well, it’s funny because the movies come out a year apart, but onscreen, only a week has passed. With Bella [Kristen Stewart], she’s a little more settled in public and in her relationship with Edward. And so, at the beginning, I wanted to show a little bit more of a relation to the Cullens’ colors, a cool palate, and steer away from the warm earth tones that were more evident in New Moon.

There are quite a few romantic scenes, so I wanted to show a softer side of Bella without going too girly or feminine, because that’s just not at the heart of who she is. She’s a very practical person, so I tried to soften her up a bit with color. We open up with her wearing one of her signature plaid shirts, but it’s in a softer, lilac fabric and looks very pretty in a field of flowers. We tried to retain the integrity of her character, but just lighten her up a little.

Thanks Ashley!

Collider Interview with Eric Leven – Visual effects supervisor for Eclipse

Eric Leven Visual Effects Supervisor on THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE from ColliderVideos on Vimeo.

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