Clevver TV Video – New Eclipse Pics – Which One Is Your Favorite?

Extended Eclipse Scene Doesn’t he own a shirt!

Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black!

Source: Kristen Stewart Fan via Lion_Lamb

New Eclipse Clip – Ravine Chase

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Behind the Scenes Footage of Eclipse from Collider

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New Eclipse Stills

Love the pic of Riley!!!
I just think it’s a gorgeous pic!


New Eclipse Clip – What did you do to me

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This movie needs to be out like now!!
All these clips I can’t take it anymore!!

New Eclipse Clip – Jacob Brings Bella Back Home

Get to see the wolf pack and some Leah!!!
And Taylor Talks about the pack at the end of the clip!!!
Love the Pack!!!

Access Hollywood

New Eclipse Still

This is a new still from Eclipse that Volvo sent to His Golden Eyes.
Thanks Courtney Cullen/Black!

New Eclipse Clip – Blood is Thicker Than Water

This was a clip that debuted on The Insider where you can watch it here in HD. There is an intro with Robert Pattinson.

Sorry it’s late getting up, but I was having internet issues yesterday.
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Longer version of the Eclipse Clip shown at the MTV Movie Awards