Twilight Movie Fan Art

Twilight movie fan art has been updated. Now that the New Moon poster submissions has ended I finally was able to get everyone’s wonderful fan art uploaded. I apologize for taking so long. We never expected so many New Moon posters. 172 new banners, icons, wallpapers, and Twilight graphics were added to the fan art.

We would like to thank Erin Thornback, Ali Brodeur, Alana, Melissa Estrada Chávez, Victoria Wood, Emily Schroeder, Ariel Christine, Meghan Tuck, Hristina Galabova, Ashley Duhr, Heather Clepper, Bella Swan Cullen(Cyd), bellaaaaaa, Deja Armendariz, Lexi, Mrs Edward Cullen, Giulia Amore, Lau, Manon Chiron, psssthahaha, Cheryl McClelland, Bridget Pontecorvo, Chelsie Morrison, Rhonda, Toni Frances Faith Stagg, Timbra Nelson, Nicole Long, Priszilla, Nikita, Serena Beze, Denise, Darshini Saikumar, Katrine Kejser, Ashley Symone, Julie, Andrea H., Mel Weathers, Aimee Lee, Maggie, Judy Cates, Gabby, Krystal Sepulveda for sending us their fan made graphics.

  • Submission Information:
  • Suggested size for Twilight graphics is a maximum width of 400 pixels.
  • Suggested size for Twilight banners is a maximum width of 450 pixels.
  • Suggested sizes for Twilight wallpapers are 1024×768 or 1600×1200 (pixels).
  • Suggested sizes for Twilight icons & avatars are 100×100 (pixels).
  • Email your creations to
  • Include your name, the graphics and a link to your blog, profile, or web page (optional).
  • Only artwork created by you may be submitted.

How do I send you graphics?
Attach them to an email or upload them to PhotoBucket, ImageShack, or a similar site and include the links to the images in your email.

I don’t have Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or any other image editing software?
Check out Picnik. It’s an online photo editor.
Try Blingee to make glittery and animated graphics.
Download Smilebox for free to make some cool wallpapers and scraps.

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New Moon Movie Posters – Fan Made

Another batch of posters have been uploaded. There were a lot of great entries to the New Moon Movie poster contest. Currently, 477 fan made posters are in the gallery. You have through March 31st to submit your poster for the contest. Yes, there are still more New Moon posters and emails we have to get through. If you do not see your artwork, please be patient.

Andy Mink also made an animated version of the last poster. To view it click “Read the rest of this entry »” below.
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Customize Twilight Pictures

I have added the “customize image” link to many of the Twilight graphics. After testing the feature, lots of fans wanted to be able to add graphics, text, and effects to the pictures. If the option is available for a graphic, there will be a “customize image” link under it. If you click the link, it will load the graphic into the Pizap editor where you can customize it. When done making your changes, save the image and you will be taken to a preview page. There will be a preview of your image and codes to add it to a forum, blog, website, or profile.

More New Moon Movie Posters

We have uploaded another batch of New Moon movie posters created by fans. There are 272 posters so far with more to go. If you don’t see your artwork yet, please be patient. You have through March 31st to submit a graphic for the New Moon poster contest.

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Customize Pictures Test

I am testing a new feature and want to know if it is something that is of interest. I added an option to customize the Robert Pattinson pictures. It uses the Pizap photo editor. You can add text, word bubbles, graphics and effects to pictures. Thanks to Taylor for letting me know about Pizap.

Please test it out here and leave a comment of what you think. Just click “Customize Image” under a picture you like. NOTE: The landing page with the image codes is just a working mockup.
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New Moon Poster Fan Artwork

The New Moon poster fan artwork for the contest are starting to go up. If you don’t see your poster yet, please be patient. We will be getting to them all. We have uploaded 101 fan-made graphics so far. You can view the posters on the New Moon Poster Contest page. They are currently in gallery format. The posters will eventually be available with codes so you can add them to your profiles and web pages. We just wanted to get them all up first.

Since everyone is putting so much effort into the contest, I decided to make one more. I used Photoshop and some Wolf’s Rain graphics. No stick figures this time. Jamey

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Twilight Cast Pictures

We have added a new section to the Twilight movie graphics. You can now find Twilight cast pictures of your favorite actors. Get hot photos of Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, Kellan Lutz, Dakota Fanning, Ashley Greene, and many more.

You should also start seeing the New Moon movie posters for the contest later today or early tomorrow. I will be putting them up in batches since there are quite a few. They won’t have the codes yet to add them to your blogs and profiles. Once I get them re-sized, I will upload versions that you can share anywhere you want.

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New Moon Movie Poster Contest

We have another contest starting today. It’s a New Moon movie poster contest where you have a chance to win a Twilight pin set, a Team Edward bracelet set, and a Team Jacob bracelet set. We have a page dedicated for this giveaway so you can learn all about the poster contest.

Yes, we know that other sites have had similar contests. It’s a great idea and we want to have one too. And don’t worry, we will have our regular giveaway starting in April.

To get things started Leandra and I have created some New Moon movie posters. I know hers aren’t as good as mine, but we all can’t be artists.




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Team Switzerland Layouts & Backgrounds

I have added a couple Team Switzerland layouts to Jelly Pages. There is a Team Switzerland with Edward and Jacob and one with the Cullen Crest and wolf’s paw. They can be used as home pages, MySpace 2.0 & 1.0 layouts or as Blogger template backgrounds.

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Twilight Movie Video Graphics

We have have added these cool Twilight movie video graphics. There are twelve tiny scenes with Bella and Edward from your favorite movie.

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