Fan Made Eclipse Posters

The Twilight Examiner has an article talking about fan made Eclipse posters. You can check out the article here to see all the posters they have.

Below are some of the ones I liked:

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Happy 4th of July Twilight Graphics

We have added Happy 4th of July Twilight comments to celebrate Independence Day. There are graphics of Bella, Edward, and Jacob to wish everyone a Twirific holiday.

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New Moon Video Graphics

Our first batch of New Moon video graphics are here. Each graphic is a small clip from the New Moon Trailer featuring your favorite Twilight Characters.

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Twilight & New Moon Buttons

We have added a new assortment of Twilight and New Moon buttons for you to use and share. The buttons include images of Bella, Edward, Jacob, and other characters from the movie.

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Twilight New Moon Quote Graphics

More Twilight New Moon quote graphics have been added to the gallery for you to use and share. More images of Bella and Edward with memorable quotes.

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Twilight – New Moon Fan Made Artwork

I’ve uploaded the Twilight & New Moon fan made artwork we have received the past couple of weeks. There are new images in:

We would like to thank the following fans for their hard work: Melissa Cullen Black, Janinne, Janelle, Deja Armendariz, Christy Delarosa, Laura, rcand4, Tasha, Sophie Baker, alana, constanza, Judy Cates, Hanna, Jessica, Melissa, Kaitline, Priszilla Rivas,lucero crystal estrella rico, Jamie, Serena Beze, Kristin, Stephanie Bamford, veronica-luvs-twilight, Gabryn, Shamin Jamadar, Meredith Lautner, Morgan, michaela ford, Mrs. Edward Anthoney Masen Cullen, hristina ristevska, Elaine, Kristelle Briones, Shannon, Eve-Lyne Bertrand, stephani johnson, Alyshia, and Elena Martin.

  • Submission Information:
  • Suggested size for Twilight graphics is a maximum width of 400 pixels.
  • Suggested size for Twilight banners is a maximum width of 450 pixels.
  • Suggested sizes for Twilight wallpapers are 1024×768 or 1600×1200 (pixels).
  • Suggested sizes for Twilight icons & avatars are 100×100 (pixels).
  • Graphics should be in gif, jpg, or png format.
  • Email your creations to
  • Include your name, the graphics and a link to your blog, profile, or web page (optional).
  • Only artwork created by you may be submitted.

How do I send you graphics?
Attach them to an email or upload them to PhotoBucket, ImageShack, or a similar site and include the links to the images in your email.

I don’t have Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro, or any other image editing software?
Check out Picnik. It’s an online photo editor.
Try Blingee to make glittery and animated graphics.
Download Smilebox for free to make some cool wallpapers and scraps.

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New Moon Countdowns – The Wolf, Jacob, Bella & Edward

We have added three New Moon movie countdowns with images from the trailer. You can get countdowns of the wolf, Jacob all buff, and Bella and Edward together. Thank michayla for requesting a wolf countdown, which gave me the idea to make these.

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New Moon Movie Pictures

We have added a new category to the gallery of Twilight graphics, New Moon movie pictures. There are lots of cool stills from the trailer with Bella, Edward, and Jacob. Each pic has codes for profiles, blogs, websites, and forums. There is also the option to customize the New Moon pictures with text, graphics and effects.

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New Moon Quote Graphics

Check out the New Moon quote graphics we have added to the gallery. Each graphic includes an image of Edward, Jacob, or Bella and a quote.

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Jacob Wolf Graphic from New Moon Trailer

Take a look at this New Moon trailer graphic of Jacob transforming into a wolf. Thanks to Yvette H. for sending us this graphic.

Graphic Code:

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