Breaking Dawn Merchandise – 30% OFF plus Free Shipping

Hot Topic is having a sale today where you can get 30% off everything plus free shipping. Twilight fans can find Breaking Dawn tees of Edward and Jacob, Bella’s bracelet and wristcuff, key chains, lanyards, and more. Check them all out here.

Renesmee’s Locket and more 25% off!

Hot Topic has Renesmee’s locket available for pre-order (ships 11/14). The locket looks just like the one Renesmee wears in the movie and has a picture of Bella and Edward inside. The locket, Renesmee’s bracelet, and all the other Breaking Dawn Part 2 merchandise are 25% off through 11/12. Check them all out here.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Tees

Breaking Dawn part 2 is just over a month away. If you need something new for opening night Hot Topic has plenty of tees. There are shirts with Edward, Jacob, Alice, the Volturi, and group tees featuring Bella and the Cullens. You can also accessorize with key chains, charms, Bella’s bracelet and her engagement ring. Check it all out here.

Breaking Dawn Gifts 30% + 20% off

Hot Topic is having a sale where all Breaking Dawn gifts and merchandise are 30% off. You can also get an additional 20% off orders of $60 or more with coupon code HTA20DEC.

You can find Bella’s bracelet, hair comb, and other jewelry, t-shirts, hoodies, buttons, stickers, bookmarks, and other cool items with Edward, Jacob, Bella, and the Cullens. Check them all out here.

Breaking Dawn Merchandise 25% OFF – Saturday and Sunday

Hot Topic has another deal for the holiday weekend where everything is 25% off. They have Breaking Dawn t-shirts, hoodies, jewelry, pillowcases, throws, bags, pins, and stickers. As an added bonus for every $30 in merchandise you get $15 in Hot Cash that can be spent at a later date. Check out all the great gifts for Twilight fans here.

Breaking Dawn Tees and Hoodies

There are a bunch of sweet Breaking Dawn t-shirts and hoodies available at Hot Topic. Edward fans have tees with Edward and the Cullen Crest and a t-shirt with him holding Bella. Jacob fans have a tee with him and the Quileute tribe logo as well as a shirt with just the Quileute tribe logo. Cullen fans get t-shirts of Emmett, Jasper, Alice, Rosalie, and one of the Cullen Crest. For hoodies there is one with the poster image and another with Edward, Bella, Jacob, and the Cullens. Lots of choices and something for every fan. Check them all out here.

Breaking Dawn Teaser T-Shirt

Hot Topic has a Breaking Dawn teaser t-shirt! The black tee has a red sunrise, the quote “Forever is only the beginning.”, and the Twilight Breaking Dawn logo. It feels like forever since any new t-shirts have come out, but at least now there is a sweet Breaking Dawn tee. You can learn more about the t-shirt here.

Hello Kitty Twilight Tees

Hot Topic has Hello Kitty t-shirts featuring vampires and werewolves. You can get a Hello Kitty Sparkle Tee with the quote “I love boys who sparkle.” or the Hello Kitty Werewolves Tee with the quote “I love werewolves.”

Both t-shirts are online exclusives and you can check them out below:
Hello Kitty Sparkle Tee
Hello Kitty Werewolves Tee

Twilight Eclipse T-Shirt Sale

Cafepress is having a one day Twilight Eclipse t-shirt sale. You can get 30% off three or more Twilight tees (marketplace only) with coupon code TWILIGHT30. There are shirts for fans of Team Edward, Jacob, Bella, Wolf Pack, Volturi, and hundreds more. Check them out here.

Eclipse Personalized T-Shirts and Gifts

Cafepress has personalized Twilight Eclipse t-shirts and gifts. You can get Team Edward or Team Jacob tees, bags, dog tags, magnets, stickers, pillows, and SIGG bottles with your name printed on them. Check them out with the widget below.

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